Monster Hunter pulled from a Chinese theater with an aggressive slur

Paul WS Anderson’s Monster Hunter, which will be screened in a US theater on December 25, has already caused considerable controversy in China, which has already been released. For each variety, the film was pulled out of the theater after the opening day, and is now regulated by China for “a 10-second exchange of films that patriotic local viewers say” insult China “.” It has been censored by the authorities.

Based on Capcom’s hit game starring Milla Jovovich, “Monster Hunter enjoyed a late-night screening in a short time on Friday local time and officially debuted at a Chinese cinema on Friday, December 4th.” The film is reportedly drawn from local theaters throughout China for an exchange intended for a carefree scene.Variety states that Monster Hunter accounted for about 25% of all films shown in China on Friday. That number has now dropped to about .07%.

One notice sent to the cinema said, “The new version is being produced overnight and needs to be shown … The theater should be careful not to show the old version more than once.” Is written. But for now, despite that notice, Variety states that “even the release of a censored version has been virtually suspended.”

In the wake of this, “Chinese users quickly flooded the Steam page of video games with hundreds of negative reviews of anger.”Apparently the scene in question A ridiculous exchange of puns between two characters It unknowingly made Chinese movie fans think of it as “a reference to the old, racist schoolyard rhymes that insult Asians.” The situation seemed to be exacerbated by a translation localized to be a “reference to Chinese colloquialism,” and some viewers regarded the moment as an insult.

In the movie, Jovovich plays Natalie Artemis. Natalie Artemis is the leader of a group of soldiers who are brought from their world to the world of Monster Hunter video games. Artemis of Jovovich has teamed up with The Hunter (Tony Jaa) and his boss, The Admiral (Ron Perlman).

Movie image of monster hunter

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