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We may be barreling towards the end of December, but 2020 doesn’t seem to be over yet: Under the network, it’s one of the worst action movies in recent memory. Delivered and added another shame to the video game movie adaptation hall. I didn’t have to do this. Earlier this year, Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog appeared in the theater. To the surprise of most people, family photography was a lot of fun. There is only a blue sky in front, right? Well, it’s not that fast: Here comes the latest movie game defense, writer / director Paul WS Anderson’s Monster Hunter, reminding us how rare a good video game movie is. Evil falls here at the Uwe Boll level incomprehensible and creates a breathtaking movie in all the ways it’s wrong. I rarely watch a movie, but I’m confused by the myth of the labyrinth of its own, but I’m not interested in extrapolating it at all. Monster Hunter has been plagued by virtually storytelling failures from the opening scene, not even going up to the “bad, but terrible” low bar that at least some biohazard flicks (and arguably Mortal Kombat) meet.

For beginners, Monster Hunter has been Capcom’s popular franchise since 2004, depicting the pre-industrial world where monsters live and play the role of a famous hunter for players to track and kill the strange and deadly beast zoo. I am. Especially given the 2018 Monster Hunter: World smash success that revived the series with the latest consoles, why both Capcom and Sony thought there was cinematic gold on a monster-filled hill. It’s not difficult to understand. Resident Evil seemed to work for both. (At least commercially, the Resident Evil series has been largely critically panned, but has earned $ 1.2 billion worldwide and is the highest-selling movie series based on video games.)

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So why they took the plunge into Anderson’s vision, and why his wife, Milla Jovovich, who previously starred in the biohazard movie (recently the worst biohazard of 2017: the final chapter), joined the lead. Easy to understand The role of Natalie Artemis, UN Military Commander of Badas. The problem is that in addition to Artemis being a completely original work unrelated to the game, a strange person who asks fans to join as the main character, “Badas Soldier” is the beginning of her character development. Is the end. How can I find out that Artemis is a bad person? Because she negatively calls the men under her command “women.” get it? Because she is a girl! What a bad thing. Oh, she also has a wedding ring in her pocket and sometimes stares at her admiration, but don’t worry. It doesn’t matter at all.

Artemis and her team (including actors Tip β€œTI” Harris and MeganGood) are on a mission in an anonymous desert area for the United Nations as mysterious portals take them to another dimension. There, they are plagued by Black Diablos before facing Nelsila. It wasn’t long before wear and Darwinism led Mira to a final girl, at which point she eventually became acquainted with a hunter played by the famous martial artist Tony Jaa (Ombak).

Now, the big problem here is: Tony Jaa is clearly the lead. Or at least he should be. It’s not a bit of a chop of action or acting in Jobovich, but neither is a problem, but in the narrative world, the real Monster Hunter should be the central focus of the movie called “Monster Hunter”. ..But by herself talking to Artemis, which is not particularly interesting, we see the hunter from the outside, and we never feel his motive beyond surviving immediately. This is clearly intended as a kind of “origin” to confirm that Artemis plays the role of that monster hunter (sometimes in a hurry to get a training montage), but the journey is especially earning and necessary. I don’t feel it, and it doesn’t make sense. And the limited screen time given to Jaa only draws attention to more interesting stories we haven’t gotten.

Also, the language barrier when Artemis and Hunter try to collaborate does not help, and they will communicate with a grunt and a glance. After that, Ron Perlman appears. (Yes, Hellboy is also in this!) And you can easily see him (and Jaa) in the prologue, but about two-thirds of Perlman’s arrival (as a character in a game called Admiral). Still feels completely toned from everything we’ve seen before, adjacent to the high camp, as opposed to what seemed to be serious but failed a serious talk attempt Dissonance.

And the truth was that if this was 100 minutes of camp Ron Perlman in a bad anime wig, it might have worked better. But his appearance here speaks perfect English (he studied it, you see, you see from the people of the previous Earth who came through the portal) to be meaningful I wonder why I wait so long to add one character that can lay out the world and its rules (which doesn’t make much sense anyway) for the audience. Most would have lost interest long before that time, as it is.

Below is the final showdown with many dangerous CGIs, quickcuts, and some mysterious Hugger Muggers about closing the portal between the two worlds. Because, as Perlman reveals, he doesn’t want the people of the planet to get there. The turmoil of things (given that his world is a world with all the greedy monsters that quickly confused the Artemis team, it’s like missing a forest for trees, for nothing. I feel). In the end, we have a dull-looking movie that seems to show up, paying lips service to the source material underneath, and trying to reach a larger audience. I am. So who is this movie intended for?

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