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Expecting Bishaten Me Pants.

Following the slightly truncated look at last night’s Game Awards show, Capcom drops the full version of Monster Hunter Rise’s amazing new (and surprisingly revealed) gameplay trailer to be released on Switch next March. Did.

This time around, we’ll introduce you to the new flooded forest locale for Rise’s Wetlands-apparently cut out of Rise’s loading screen, but strongly influenced by the Monster Hunter 3 area of ​​the same name-hosting both old and new monsters. I’m playing.

The “new” category includes sleep-inducing somnacants and bishaten, called “omnivorous tricksters,” and returning monsters include Royal Ludros and Great Uloggi.

Monster Hunter Rise-Game Award 2020 Trailer.

Also, it seems that the wishes related to Monster Hunter have finally come true! Skip to the 2:10 mark on the trailer and listen to its familiar roar-after a devastating (at least for me) absence in Monster Hunter World, an incomparable bruise has finally returned to Rise. It seems that.

The whole thing continues to look very fun, and Capcom has confirmed that Switch owners can enjoy Monster Hunter Rise early in January, thanks to a special limited-time demo. Of course, the full game will arrive on March 26th next year.


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