Monster Hunter: World has been reviewed-bombed into a movie

Well, Paul WS Anderson’s Monster Hunter hasn’t been seen flicking west for a few months yet. However, this week’s adaptation debut in China faced a massive backlash, especially in one racist scene. The backlash then spilled over into Monster Hunter: World’s Steam Review, moving series creator Capcom away from filmmaking.

As PC Gamer pointed out, Monster Hunter: World went from 17 negative reviews on December 3rd to over 1,000 reviews the next day. According to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, the anger is due to a particular “joke” of Anderson’s flicks.

Now, Ahmad says it’s quite confusing to include this line given China’s media regulations. Curiously, the Chinese subtitles for this movie don’t exactly match the English audio here. They instead refer to China’s idioms, the disparities that appear to have fueled the controversy.

Capcom, as part of them Make a statement On the local social network Weibo. Explain that they are aware of the situation and the controversy, but keep in mind that they are not involved in the production of the film and have notified the appropriate company. However, with the introduction of Milla Jovovich’s characters and voice actors to the world, some fans seem to feel that Capcom is colluding.

Steam’s gorgeous review charts and filters try to hide most of the complaints, but you don’t have to dig too much to find a negative review page quoting a movie in both Chinese and English. Ahmad’s thread continues unconfirmed reports that the film is no longer shown in many theaters across the country, claiming that others will be recut for a second release at a later date.

When I got home, yesterday’s planned UK launch was pushed back in 2021 over Covid-19 concerns. When I finally arrived here, I wouldn’t be shocked if the scene was on the floor of the cutting room.

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Monster Hunter: World is being review-bombed over its movie adaptation

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