Monster Hunter: World has been reviewed-steam bombed for racist jokes in the movie

Monster Hunter: World suffers from some blowbacks due to some suspicious writing of Monster Hunter movies. Action RPG games are suffering from a wave of negative reviews on Steam due to the racist jokes made in the photos.

so Twitter thread, Nico Partners Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad, posted a video of a movie line that has already been released in China to find out why the audience is dissatisfied. In the scene, one character asks another character, “What kind of knees are these?” Follow-up of “knee”. The pair are American soldiers because the main character is a team of military recruits brought into the game world. As Ahmad explains, this joke has racial implications for the playground chant used to despise Asian heritage people in English-speaking countries.

Ahmad points out that the use of Chinese idioms for subtitles has increased people’s dissatisfaction. Capcom, the developer of Monster Hunter games, has released a statement that “reports the situation to the relevant movie companies for investigation,” according to Ahmad. Among all of these, Steam for Monster Hunter: World reviews are skyrocketing. Approximately 2,000 negative reviews have been submitted in the last two days. Some of them are talking directly about the movie, some are memes, some are nonsense on the edge road. It’s an ugly scene.

There are unfounded reports that Monster Hunter is no longer showing in China, and this joke has been re-edited.

Milla Jovovich’s main character, Captain Natalie Artemis, was recently released as part of a crossover between the movie and Monster Hunter: World. Paul WS Anderson’s blockbuster film will open in the United States on December 25th. If you want to play games instead, we’ll show you the best horror games, the best open world games, and the best cyberpunk games.

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