Monster Hunter World: Iceborne gets a crossover of the movie with Milla Jovovich

Monster Hunter World:

Iceborn has acquired a crossover with the Monster Hunter movie. Starting December 4, as Lieutenant Artemis of Milla Jovovich, you will be able to play in a two-part event quest inspired by the next Paul WS Anderson movie. Announced today, Jovovich speaks to Artemis in-game in the quest settings. Players in turn against Black Diablos and Greater Rataros. Completing the quest will give you layered armor, new titles, guild card backgrounds and poses, and “special equipment”, but you can only join the quest once you reach the Master Rank.

Prior to the event, players will be able to claim a free item pack as a logon bonus to celebrate the movie from November 27th. Check out the exclusive behind-the-scenes sizzle reel with Milla Jovovich below.The Monster Hunter movie will be released on December 4th in the UK, December 25th in the United States and January 1st in Australia. It conveys the feelings of Monster Hunter World in the form of a movie. Mysteriously, the story of Artemis, a US soldier who was brought to the world of Monster Hunter, meets Tony Jaa’s unknown hunter.

After some slightly non-Monster Hunter trailers, the recent Chinese trailer was praised for showing a much more familiar movie until it included Parico. It was clearly a fertile land for Anderson, as he already had an idea for an offshore sequel.

This is far from the first crossover in Monster Hunter World-I’ve already seen Horizon’s Alloy: Zero Dawn (twice), Mega Man, Devil May Cry’s Dante and more.

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