Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Partners with Monster Hunter Movie

Capcom Monster Hunter World: Iceborne To commemorate the release next month, we will be holding a crossover event with the next Monster Hunter movie.

At this event, the movie’s main character, Artemis, will be featured in a two-quest single-player mini-campaign, and actress Milla Jovovich will provide a caricature and record the conversation to appear in the game. The first quest — the New World — will take place in the Wild Spire Waste of Master Rank 1 Hunter and above, challenging you to defeat Black Diablo based on what you see in the movie (and its accompanying trailer).

Quest 2 titled “To Our World” requires you to complete the previous quest. Again, Master Rank 1 is required. You need to defeat Ratalos in the ancient forest. Completing each quest will earn you Artemis Alpha + Armor Set and Artemis Layered Armor Set. If you complete both, you will also get the background, title and pose of the new movie-based guild card.

The event will be released on December 4th and will be available in the game for one year until December 2nd, 2021. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne On Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Meanwhile, the Monster Hunter movie will land in the cinema this Christmas.

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