Monster Hunter World Review bombed by Chinese audience for movie line

The racist line of the next Monster Hunter movie has naturally upset the Chinese audience.

Monster hunter world Faced with the wrath of an upset audience due to controversial comments in the new movie.

Franchise fans are already cautious about Monster Hunter movies. Modern military elements mixed with the iconography of the game are a tough choice, and one die hard doesn’t seem overly excited.

However, the movie now seems to be beginning to hurt the franchise’s flagship title, Monster Hunter World. The game is being attacked by a Chinese viewer whose movie is being released. Negative reviews hit Steam in response to the controversial line of the movie, which appears to refer to discriminatory chanting.

Daniel Ahmad (via ), Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, posted a clip on his Twitter account. He went on to explain:

It has also been reported that screenings in China may be canceled, plans to reprint the film without lines may be suspended, and films in China may be banned.

Capcom used the Chinese social media site Weibo to bring itself closer to the movie. The company is aware of the situation, but said it was not a filmmaker. They said they reported the situation to “related movie companies.”

But that may not work, especially as the company recently promoted Milla Jovovich’s skins at Monster Hunter World.

Please note that the subtitles do not match what is displayed on the screen, but it is not clear how they went through China’s strict classification process. All of this has seen the game receive over 1700 negative Steam reviews since yesterday.

It’s not exactly clear what will happen next, but this is a pretty disastrous mess that is now spilling over into the actual game franchise.

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Monster Hunter World review bombed by Chinese audiences due to line in movie

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