Monster Truck Championship for Nintendo Switch Released on November 24th

Released a few weeks ago for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, the Monster Truck Championship will be released for Nintendo Switch on November 24th for $ 39.99.

In the Monster Truck Championship, you will drive one of 16 vehicles and participate in 5 different events. In these championships, you’ll compete in 25 stadiums and circuits in different cities across the United States. In the Monster Truck Championship, which employs a realistic driving approach rather than an arcade game style, players take part in enthusiastic races and learn the unique physics of these vehicles in incredible aerial and aerial and. You can realize the movement on the ground.

Here are some of the features of the game:

  • 25 circuits in different cities across the United States
  • 5 events: race, time trial, drag racing, freestyle, destruction
  • 16 customizable vehicles with over 50 options
  • Realistic driving and physics, including independent front and rear wheel control, adjustment of various mechanical elements such as suspension, gearbox, engine, etc.
  • Online mode available to up to 8 players in monster-sized races
  • Career mode to manage vehicles, sponsors and technicians to improve performance and profits

If you missed a review of the Monster Truck Championship, read here.

It has a lot of power and needs to be handled accurately. You start moving your truck in a direction you didn’t intend, too bad, it’s going that way anyway. The controls were forced to think about where I was heading, not where I was in the track or arena, and adjust the speed and direction before trying each operation. The control took some to adapt to me, and I dare to say, I’m even better. But even when I’m writing this review, I still have a way to go before I can say I’ve mastered them. This isn’t to scare people to add games to rotation, but to explain how robust the control system is, and says it reflects simulation more than arcade racers.

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