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The world of monster trucks, with the ability to laugh at spectators and turn them into five-year-olds, has a loving seriousness. Purity of purpose, perhaps – if it’s not a very strange phrase to apply to a 5 ton, 1500 hp, methanol-fueled rig shaped like a cartoon dog or shark. Flying around, crushing things, … a huge, impractical single-seater designed just to make people smile. This is a motorsport equivalent to a monster movie. The Monster Truck Championship does a decent job of capturing this world. At least an unlicensed, unbranded copy. While the graphics are sometimes quite rough and content-dependent, the Monster Truck Championship successfully blends Monster Truck madness with an accessible simulation-style approach that greatly satisfies both the driving experience and the separation of wild stunts. I’m letting you.The first and most important part of a racing game puzzle is handling. The good news is really really good here. Taeyoung – Terminator of 2019: Resistance and Lambo of 2014: Polish team behind video games – is doing well despite the apparent lack of racing games in the back catalog. The truck has a great sense of bulk, especially when drifting, crouching on three wheels and hitting the ground after landing from huge air.

The truck has a great sense of bulk, especially when it’s drifting, as it crouches on three wheels.


Independent rear wheel steering controlled by the right stick also adds a whole new dimension to driving and it is imperative to master it. Not only is it important to have a huge truck make tight turns to perform aggressive donuts, but it’s also useful as a way to reduce rough drift angles and rush to fix bad landings. is. The fact that these vehicles are very different from the lightweight, low and nimble racing cars that star in most other motorsport sims brings a fun and interesting pace change.

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If the Monster Truck Championship is similar to other modern racing games, it will be a wreck fest. However, it’s not because the Destruction Derby and Monster Truck Rally share the same kind of spiritual connection as Anytown in the United States. It’s actually more superficial than that. In fact, if you scroll through the menu, please forgive me assuming that the two games share a publisher. But that’s not the case, so the general presentation is a bit too derivative.The progress is also fairly clear. The Monster Truck Championship extends action to three championship tiers, each featuring 10 main events. Unfortunately, there is really no difference between the glitz and pageantry associated with any league. It’s all the crowds, fireworks, and major stadiums from your debut event. Performing an event in Major League Baseball is, on the surface, no different than the first event in the entry-level National League, especially if you return to the same city and compete on the same course. The spectacular atmosphere of these major stadiums could have been even more impressive if they had begun their careers by astonishing a more modest crowd at small town showgrounds and local trade fairs. At the moment, it’s all a little one note.

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The Monster Truck Championship features two types of races: traditional circuit races and drag races. The race is great, but it can be a bit clumsy if the tracks are too close to each other and a little boring if the tracks are too wide. It is also hampered by completely broken timing. Time fluctuates randomly at first glance, so it’s never clear how far ahead you are. Drag racing is probably my choice here. They are not simple straight dash. Rather, it’s a mirror version of the same course, but a tricky and technical 10-15 second sprint against your opponent working on another course. Drag racing rewarded quick reaction times and clever track control, and I found it to be quite addictive.

Other events are pretty self-explanatory destruction and the classic stunt-centric monster truck mayhem, freestyle, which is the highlight of the game for me. This is where the Monster Truck Championship becomes Tony Hawk’s pro skater on the track, and the amount of different stunts and combos you can perform is amazingly powerful. Somersaults, backflips, wheelies – all kinds of wild stunts are accepted by physics here.

A surprising amount of landscape pops up on the race track, and in 2020 the socks will not come off due to dirt and dust.


Please be aware that it is not particularly clean. A surprising amount of scenery pops up on the race track, and in 2020 the socks will not come off due to the effects of dirt and dust. The track details are pretty good, but it’s a completely static flag. They look pretty terrible frozen and stiff as your trucks burn around the arena. The body of the truck is decent, but there are only a handful of preset monicas and themes. This is disappointing given that there is no editor to give the track a custom name.

The best racing game ever


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