Monty Python meets a gladiator with a robot in a dangerous zone clone drone •

Oh, my leg was cut off. I think I’m dead. In most games I would. But it’s not here, and it’s not a surprisingly named clone drone in the danger zone. Here, it’s just a scar of meat, except that I don’t have meat. I’m a robot and I have Robo’s limbs on the floor. I don’t even mention it, or do nothing to suggest that it was mine, and I rather depended on it. Continue hopping as if nothing had happened.

Also, I didn’t realize that I had lost my arms until I went to use the bow, and I needed two arms, so I couldn’t use it.

It’s all very Monty Python and should definitely be. The danger zone clone drone is a comedy. A game in which humans are turned into robots by robots and are made to fight other robots in a series of gladiator challenges. I think. So it doesn’t really matter. There’s a story, but don’t worry.

It’s about momentary fun, listening to Deadpan’s Robo Punditers who follow your actions, stating how well you’re doing for humans, and how you’re about to be torn. happy. They have a very affectionate seriousness.

This is story mode. We have others, too. Endless mode is how it sounds and is a lot of fun. There are different scenarios and different upgrades.

Everything revolves around combat. Clone Drone is a (almost) close quarters combat game like Chivalry. In this game, you WASD your character while swiping a kind of laser sword to generate an attack. And if you’ve played games such as Shivalley, you know how slapstick and stupid things can be. It’s as if the clone drone got caught up in this inherent ridiculous thing and removed everything else.

The battle here is not that complicated. Reduced to some movements with left and right swipes and overhead strikes. Keeping the sword in front may prevent other attacks, but I’m not sure. I don’t think blocking is really important. It’s about wielding your sword and running around in a circle in the hope that you cut off something, and it’s better to be the big one they’ll continue to be like you.

Between each gladiator round, you can go downstairs down the arena, where you can upgrade yourself. A large robot arm, like a car factory robot arm, will pick you up and display an upgrade menu.

Oh, that makes me feel all the Striders on the weathertop. If he had a hammer. A really big hammer. I really liked the hammer.

How about the Holy Sword of Fire? Maybe you want to be able to block the arrows? How about a jet pack? What is your ability to kick enemies? Maybe you want a big thick hammer instead. bow? Or what about the extra life? Isn’t it fascinating in a game that starts with just one life? But if you choose it, you lose the opportunity to upgrade something else. Which build do you follow? What do you choose?

This is where the deeper strategy of the game becomes apparent. There is a slight seriousness under the stupidity. But it doesn’t get too heavy. It’s enough to deepen the enjoyment of every moment.

However, the thrill stays on top by running around and chopping up Robo enemies. Enemies change-I like Robo Spider very much, its legs you can trim, uh-and the strategy changes, but nothing covers the inherent stupidity .. Also, you shouldn’t.

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