Moo Lander Xbox One demo released


  • Weapons powered by mighty cows and milk
  • Addictive multiplayer mode with free demo
  • Handmade graphics and self-recorded music for an immersive experience

Molander Introducing on Xbox One! The game’s free demo includes unlockable milk arcenal features, valuable enemy AI, cow boss battles, beautiful art styles, self-recorded orchestral music, RPG elements, multiplayer, and lots of milk. increase. And now you can experience all these features on your Xbox One console.

Sixth Hammer Game Studio has updated a special demo specifically for the Xbox console. Bigger, better, more beautiful and more challenging than ever! Pack 3-40 minutes of amazing single player campaigns and almost unlimited multiplayer fun in 3 addictive modes: PvP, PvE and Milk Soccer Simulator.

What’s new?

Since the last demo iteration of Molander, Added many great new features to the game! Gameplay mechanisms such as camouflage modules and Lander Tech will debut.You can now unlock the “Milk Shield”Used to block enemy fire and divert a special projectile, the “milk saber” Significantly reduce all the hostile creatures out there and the camouflage module, a completely new gameplay system. Last but not least, it’s a completely redesigned UI system. A beautiful, user-friendly interface has been added to every bit of the game. Milk hunting has never been so attractive!

Ancient mighty cow

Cow bosses are called “ancient mighty cows”, And they are back! Then, make a completely new homemade cow AI and start it. You can expect angry and stiff cows to fight in both the mooltiplayer arena and single-player endgame. The talented developers in our indie game studio have added some interesting options for choosing different cow species for mooltiplayer who can play as cows. Challenge our multi-stage cow boss battles, master Lander skills and defeat them.

Demo length

But new Molander The demo extends to intense gameplay of about 30-40 minutes (and even longer on more difficult difficulty) without the mooltiplayer option. We’ve also added four new difficult levels: Story Mode, Cheesy, Challenge, and Legendary. Story mode is a great way to enjoy Moorander without any problems, and the cheesy option is the regular playthrough version. The Challenge option is for veteran Metroidvania veterans and does exactly that – it poses a worthwhile challenge. The last one is aimed at those who like soul-like challenges. Expect environmental puzzles too, and many, many alien creatures along the way to victory. However, you don’t have to be alone on this trip. You can invite your friends to enjoy Couchcorp Multiplayer for 4 people.


Yes, you are reading it correctly – Molander There is a great local mooltiplayer and you have the option to play like a cow! How cool is it? The demo will showcase some special arena maps and three multiplayer mods: PvP, PvE and Galactic Mooball. Gather your friends to confront the AI ​​cows or raise your gear to do two landers and two cows. All of these are controlled by the player. Or, if you’re a soccer fan, you can team up with Buddy and play against two other players in Galactic Muball mode (you can also play as Mighty Cow). Moo Lander couch co-op moopltiplayer offers a lot of fun with family and friends in front of the TV.

“Mars is a beautiful place!”

With upgraded art styles, graphics, particle effects and shaders, Molander Surprise you with beauty and detail. Get a better understanding of our world and immerse yourself in the strange planet of Mars. Its rich flora, dangerous but memorable fauna, environmental danger, and last but not least, the mighty ancient cow. They protect the milk of the universe, but you need to get it to save your dying civilization. While doing this epic quest, you will be accompanied by self-recorded orchestral music.

Mars environment

As an avid game developer and avid gamer himself, the team behind this game knows the value and importance of free game demos. That’s why I personally want to give you, our friends, fans and supporters the opportunity to experience an adventure. Molander.. It’s our personal adventure, and (I) your adventure. And remember-there is a cow level, join it!

Moorander demo


Moorander demo

6th hammer



Have you ever wandered around what a cow overlord looks like? Moo Lander is an action-adventure RPG with Metroidvania elements featuring a spectacular story about cows and milk. In the game, milk is the purest and most effective resource. Unlock milk weapons and unique defensive weapons while stuck in a dangerous alien world with loyal ship AI. Together, you need to fight and be wise with your intellectual enemies, revealing the motivations of your character’s journey and the emotional story behind it. As the story twists and bends, you’ll meet memorable characters and uncover ancient secrets. Then comes the most brutal side of our amazing world-you have to challenge our Mighty Cow boss! Expect glorious action battles while trying to find a way to defeat our super fast deadly cow AI. You can also join your family and friends and enjoy lots of fun with MooLander’s up to 4 sofa multiplayer. The modes of play are so different that you can face each other in different ways. You can also control Mighty Cows to experience a whole new skill set and play against story heroes to protect your milk. ### Talk about milk It’s all about milk! Milk, the purest and most powerful source of energy, comparable only to the brightest hypernovae, was lost after the war with the Anunnaki! Without it, Landers’ civilization is endangered and must board the only interstellar spacecraft remaining on a mission to retrieve ancient equipment. It is believed that this device can produce an infinite amount of milk. Can you get the job done on time? The fate of Landers is in your hands! ### Alone in the alien world, Moo Lander’s story explores the adventures of the final Hero of the Landers and his trusted AI, Hamilton! You can be part of this adventure! Experience shocking revelations, discover the secrets of Mighty Cowes, and explore the beautiful environment of the game. Everything is handcrafted with passion and dedication, and you’ll hear great music along the way. Use the branch dialog choices and optional action paths to control the fate of your entire civilization! ### As you progress through the game of tame the mighty cows, more than 20 kinds of mighty cows will get in the way. From the darkest dungeons to the steepest peaks, these powerful bosses are everywhere and threaten your mission. We have developed an advanced cow AI. To match the superior intelligence of the cow, you need to master the skills. All cow bosses are cinematic and have their own attacks, abilities and strategies. Space Challenge awaits all gamers who choose to become Landers heroes! ### This is an action RPG. Every time you defeat an enemy, you gain experience, become stronger, and unleash new abilities. Going further, you’ll be equipped with special weapons and deployed camouflage modules for various ships to give you an edge in the scale of your battle. Collect the last drop of milk resources and use it for a powerful upgrade! Careful management of this resource is essential to stay alive and face the challenges of Moo Lander! ### 4-player Couch Multiplayer Our very different multiplayer modes offer dozens of different skills and many ways to play with terrain to explore. When controlling a mighty cow, it freezes and burns, spits, and stabs friends. Master over 20 different species – each with a different deadly and powerful attack. With Milk Weapons, you can fight our fierce cow AI with friends with weapons with over 15 different abilities. You can then turn each other on in a carefully crafted Deathmatch Arena for fast-paced PvP combat. Not only are the arenas in all modes visually different, but each offers its own dangers and tactical opportunities. You will need to study the alien world of Moorander and learn to use it for your benefit. Once you understand it, you can try to confront our alien flora and fauna-try to survive the enemy wave long enough with your friends. However, you should be aware that all encounters are different. You may not be sure about the best strategy. After hours of brutal action, you can continue exploring the game by playing our signature sport, Galactic Muball! Here you need to master playing with dozens of different balls, each with its own unique characteristics. And show off your skills on all kinds of terrain, including painstaking doors, mazes, and teleport tubes. Multiplayer has it all.

Moo Lander Xbox One Demo Out Now

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