More and more people are playing Steam games with controllers, according to Valve. •

According to Valve, the average number of daily users playing Steam games with a controller has more than doubled in the last two years.

In a post announcing that all games currently using the Steam Input API are fully compatible with the new PlayStation 5 controller (ie full support for DualSense LEDs, trackpads, rumble and gyro features), Valve With a controller that revealed that people are actually playing PC games.

“Over the last two years, the average number of daily users playing Steam games with controllers has more than doubled, and the catalog of titles suitable for controllers continues to grow daily,” Valve said. I am.

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In a controller-friendly game, the percentage of players in that game who use the controller can easily be over 60%, Valve added.

In some games, such as skateboarding games, over 90% of players use controllers in-game.

In addition, the increase in controller usage for players using PlayStation controllers was even higher, increasing from 10.9% of controller play sessions to 21.6% of all controller sessions across Steam over the last two years.

Valve’s announcement shows that some Steam games use DualSense. Valve said it fully supports player-configurable LEDs, trackpads, rumble, and gyro features in games such as Death Stranding, No Man’s Sky, and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

According to Valve, this support will be available to players who have selected the public beta Steam desktop client, and platform-wide support is intended to be shipped after further testing.

The Steam Input API already supports over 200 input devices, including PlayStation 4 controllers, Nintendo Switch Pro controllers, fightsticks, race wheels, dancepads, and “almost any other controller you can think of.”

Yesterday, the Beta version of the Steam client was updated with the addition of DualSense rumble via Bluetooth, reduced the rumble strength of DualSense, and enabled external audio-based tactile sensation when rumble is enabled in DualSense. It was. Of course, we hope to eventually add support for DualSense adaptive triggers.

I’m playing some PC games using my Xbox One controller (Hades, recently). How about you?

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