More Animal Crossing Updates Coming in 2021

Animal Crossing fans, it looks sharp. More updates will be added to the Nintendo Switch game in 2021.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons plans to get more updates throughout 2021 after this year’s great success, according to a new polygon interview with Nintendo of America President Dougbauser.

According to Bowser, the game’s “far beyond expectations” performance relies heavily on user-created content, and the title has maintained its core audience since its launch in March 2020. It is useful.

This will be the focus of future games and will also notify you of updates arriving next year.

Bowser sees “two potential paths” as to how the game will grow and progress in the future. One is notified by a “developer update schedule” that can be created seasonally. […] Around the event, [and] About enhanced gameplay features. “

” [user-generated content]And the ability of people to really devote themselves to user-created content, make it available, and share it with friends, ”says Bauser, making the game unique.

“And it doesn’t happen in any rhythm. It’s a continuous, constantly changing and evolving environment where people can visit and use each other’s islands. [user-generated content]Bring it to their island and share it.

“I think that’s another aspect of long-term engagement with Animal Crossing.”

Bowser concludes that Nintendo will “definitely” release updates next year that will allow users to create more of their content. Elsewhere in the same interview, the Nintendo boss downplayed reports of the Switch Pro model, stating that the Switch is “half its lifespan.”

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