More DC Comics Movies Are Getting Spin-offs Of HBOMax TV Shows

Warner Bros. has their major expansion plans DC UniverseThanks to HBO Max.The studio has already officially announced Peace maker James Gunn’s next spin-off series Suicide squad..In addition, Matt Reeves is working on a spin-off Batman Too. That said, studios were just beginning when they looked to the future of big-screen and small-screen connections, like Marvel Studios and Disney +.

In a new interview Walter Hamada, President of DC Films We talked about the future of the DC franchise. According to a new report, DC Films “works with filmmakers to develop film derivatives. This is a TV series that runs on HBO Max and interconnects with big-screen efforts.” “In every movie we’re watching right now, we’re thinking,’What’s the potential Max spin-off?’,” Hamada explained. There are many ideas for the potential spin-off of HBO Max that could come from big screen projects and how to set up upcoming movies.

Relation: Warner Bros. wanted 1984 Wonder Woman to cut one of the two opening scenes.

Walter Hamada didn’t go into details, but there are some DC projects along the way. HBO Max component.Streaming service started Wonder Woman 1984 At the same time, Christmas day was released at the theater. It’s a move that all other major studios are paying attention to, as it’s very likely to be one of the business models moving forward to release a big movie. Warner Bros. is ready to make the entire 2021 release slate compatible with hybrid systems, but has received a lot of backlash from film fans and filmmakers.

So far, WarnerMedia has only given vague numbers to see its success. Wonder Woman 1984.. So far, they say millions of people have tuned in to stream the long-awaited sequel. And it was also able to win $ 16.7 million on holiday weekends. According to the studio, the performance of the sequel “exceeds expectations in all key viewing and subscriber metrics.”It was enough for them to come out soon and officially announce it Wonder Woman 3 is happening Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins are back.

flash will Immerse yourself in the DC Multiverse And there are many questions about how it works on the big screen. Perhaps Warner Bros. will immerse himself in the HBO Max exclusive series to help explain things. DC fans also asked about Wonder woman Another series focused on Amazon-focused spin-offs and Jurnee Smollett’s Black Canary Birds of prey.. There are many paths a studio can take, but all of them are summarized in more detailed storytelling.Then fans can see Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Cut into installments of 4 to 1 hour. It will be premiered on HBO Max only early next year.The interview with Walter Hamada was originally New York Times..

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More DC Comics Movies Are Getting Spin-offs Of HBOMax TV Shows

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