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Microsoft announced in December that additional games will be available on the Xbox Game Pass.

As you know, heavy hitters are coming Xbox game pass Soon, Skyrim: Special Edition on December 15th, etc.

Also coming soon are remastered versions of Killer Queen Black, Among Us (December 17th), Cybershadow, The Medium, Yakuza 6, and Yakuza 3-5.

However, there are other titles that will appear in the service in December. Merkredd For Android, console, and PC. For one or two players, this physics-based co-op puzzle combines skill-based puzzle-solving skills throughout the “Challenging Balance of Light and Shadow” in a dark, secret-filled world.

Viewer: Full version Will be available on Android and the console on December 17th. Set in the world of dystopia, where privacy does not exist and the nation controls every aspect of life, “become what the nation demands or become an empathetic landlord. Pretend not to see.” This version also includes Blissful Sleep DLC. Includes new scenarios based on former landlords, where you’ll find all new tenants and stories.

Also on December 17th Code Vein Arrives for android and console. Set in the not too distant future, as we know, a mysterious disaster has affected the world. At the heart of the destruction is a revenant society called veins. Team up with your friends to unleash your past and escape the nightmares of life.

December 17th is a big day. Dark Pictures Anthology: Medan Man (PC), Monster train (console), MotoGP 20 (Android, console, and PC), My Friend Pedro (Android), Neoverse (Android and console), and Wilmot’s Warehouse (Console and PC) also arrive at the service.

Wilmot’s Warehouse is a puzzle game to keep your warehouse up and running. Remember where you put everything because when you open it you need to quickly find what people want.

With the release of new games, there are always some departures.You have up to December 30 Play Farming Simulator 17 (console and PC), Football Manager 2020 (PC), Mortal Kombat X (console).

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Code Vein, Beholder, Man of Medan, MotoGP 20, more coming to Xbox Game Pass

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