More rumored Battlefield 6 images leaked, the latest is said to be from the pre-alpha build

Stephanie Nannery
June 5, 2021 15:29 GMT

More images of DICE shooter leaked.

Is Battlefield 6 The leak continues and the game image is generated overnight.

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The image seems to be from an influencer playing a pre-alpha build of the game (thanks, resetera).Battlefield Leaker when the legitimacy of an image is questioned because it is visually inferior Tom Henderson I have confirmed that they are real images (thank you, blue).

This is the latest version of a series of leaks. Screenshots were posted, the fully published trailer was reportedly leaked, and images taken from the trailer were also displayed online.

All leaks seem to suggest that the game consists of modern combat with futuristic settings. There also seems to be a usable robot dog that can be upgraded.

Next week, June 9th, Battlefield 6 or whatever its name will be the first to be seen.

Be aware of everything you know about Battlefield 6 so far, thanks to all the leaks in the link.

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More purported Battlefield 6 images leak, latest said to be from pre-alpha build

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