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More Sachin Pilot supporters come out openly on spell issues for Congress in Rajasthan

The day after the Parliamentary MLA group met Sachin pilotAnother Friday party member expressed support for opposition leaders as the ruling party in Rajasthan again had problems. The pilot, however, dispelled speculation that he was switching to the BJP. Jitin Prasada A person who left Congress two days ago.

In Dausa, Todavim MLA PR Mina said the party’s central leadership should address the issues raised by the pilot who led the rebellion against the prime minister last year. Ashok Jerot..

A committee of the National Congress Committee of India (AICC), which was established to sort out the differences between gellots and pilot camps, has not yet come up with a solution. Also, during the day, Parliamentary MLA Hemaram Choudhary, who recently resigned to the Speaker of Parliament, met the pilot there. Jaipur At home. Like Mina, he is considered part of the state legislature’s pilot faction.

After the rebellion, he was dismissed as Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the State Legislature. Baratya Janata Party.. He rejected the allegation that BJP leader Rita Bahguna Joshi had made on a television show that she had spoken to him about the possibility.

“Rita Buffguna Joshi said she spoke to Sachin. She may have spoken to Sachin Tendulkar (cricket player). She doesn’t have the courage to talk to me,” Congressional leaders said. He told reporters in a protest against fuel prices.

Earlier that day, he visited the village of Bandana in Dausa and, on his anniversary, dedicated flowers to his father and former federal minister Rajesh Pilot at a monument. Mina, a pilot loyalist, called for an expansion of the Jelot Ministry. “Everyone is waiting, so the party’s High Command should make a decision as soon as possible,” he said.

Mina recently issued a statement praising Jelot for meeting the demands of his constituency and managing the Covid crisis by his government. He said it was his duty to thank the work done by the commercial, but he stands with a young leader. “I was with the pilot, I’m with the pilot and stay with him,” MLA told reporters.

Parliament MLA Hemaram Choudhary met the pilot in Jaipur on Friday morning. This is the first public visit to the state capital after sending a resignation to PC Joshi Speaker on May 18.

“I heard my heart and resigned. People may urge me to withdraw my decision, but that’s what I decide,” he told reporters. Choudhary said he sent his resignation because he was suffering from some problems.

According to party sources, the pilot left for Delhi after attending the Congress Dana outside a gas station in the Sanganer district of Jaipur. Other senior leaders attended state-level protests outside a gas station near Civil Lines on Azimer Road. On Thursday, at least five parliamentary leaders met the pilot at his Jaipur house.

Former Minister Vishvendrasin held a one-on-one meeting with him. Then Ved Prakash Solanki, Mukesh Bhakar, Ramniwas Gawria and Rakesh Pareek arrived at his residence. They questioned the expansion of the cabinet and the “delay” in Jelot’s political appointment. The pilot MLA said it would fight in parliament.

“We are all speaking out for the power of the party. Those who doubt loyalty to Congress are not the party’s wishes,” Chax MLA Soranki said after meeting the pilot. He said the High Command of Parliament should listen to the pilot and resolve the issues raised by him. “There was no discussion or hearing about the requirements we raised,” MLA said.

More Sachin Pilot supporters come out openly on spell issues for Congress in Rajasthan More Sachin Pilot supporters come out openly on spell issues for Congress in Rajasthan

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