More Team Yankee Soviet Available from Battlefront

Last weekend was the latest big live launch World war III Numbers, Soviet. This week we continue to roll out as more kits are available in stores. What kind of kit? Well, I’m glad you asked. Let’s take a look.

T-80 Tank Company (Plastic) (TSBX21)

The T-80 series tanks were the culmination of a 30-year project to design and develop Soviet turbine-powered tanks. The updated T-80U featured a more powerful 1250hp turbine engine, wider trucks, and onboard Kontakt-5 reactive armor. It’s faster, more maneuverable, and better armored than any other Soviet tank in use.

BMP-3 Company (Plastic) (TSBX23)

Soviet motor rifle companies equipped with BMP-3s, Boevaya Mashina Pehoty 3, or “Infantry Fighting Vehicles 3” share the same role as comrades equipped with BMP-1s and BMP-2s. The BMP-3 company is designed to keep pace with the main armor, rush forward and get off as close to the target as possible.

BRDM-2 Reconnaissance Platoon (Plastic) (TSBX24)

The BRDM-2 (Boyevaya Razvedyvatelnaya Dozornaya Mashina 2, or Combat Reconnaissance Patrol Vehicle 2) is a four-wheel amphibious reconnaissance vehicle. The BRDM-2 is designed for a variety of terrains and is the basis of a variety of weapons systems.

2S6 Tunguska AA Platoon (TSBX27)

The 2S6 can attack attack aircraft and helicopters with deadly accuracy over a range of up to 8000m. The 2S6 armored chassis protects four crew members.From drivers, commanders, gunners, radar operators, firearms and shell debris

BM-27 Hurricane Battery (TSBX26)

The BM-27 Hurricane (Uragan) began service in the Soviet army in the late 1970s and was the first heavy multiple rocket launcher stabilized with modern spins and fins. Launch a 220mm rocket from 16 launch tubes mounted on the back of the ZIL-1358×8 truck.


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