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More than 1,000 people arrested in global crackdown on online fraud

Interpol-led operations included law enforcement from 20 countries, leading to the foreclosure of millions of dollars in illegal profits.

Law enforcement agencies around the world have raided hundreds of people suspected of committing various types of online crime, including: Romance scam, Investment fraud and money laundering operations. International efforts have arrested more than 1,000 people and seized approximately US $ 27 million in illegal profits.

Led by Interpol, the operation, called HAECHI-II, lasted four months and involved law enforcement agencies from 20 countries, as well as Hong Kong and Macau authorities. Authorities arrested 1,003 individuals, closed 1,660 cases, blocked 2,350 bank accounts related to illegal funds obtained from cybercrime, and identified 10 new tactics used by cybercriminals. I was able to do.

“The results of Operation HAECHI-II show that the proliferation of online financial crimes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is showing no signs of diminishing, and that member states are fighting crimes that are essentially borderless. Only through this level of global cooperation and coordination will domestic law enforcement agencies effectively tackle the pandemic of parallel cybercrime. We can, “said Interpol Secretary-General Jürgenstock. Press statement Praise the success of the surgery.

In one case, a Colombian-based textile company was scammed by cybercriminals from over US $ 8 million using sophisticated ones. Business Email Infringement (BEC) attack. The fraudster disguised himself as the legal agent of the company and ordered that more than US $ 16 million be transferred to two Chinese bank accounts.

Half of the money had already been remitted before the fraudulent company was involved in the fraud and warned the Colombian authorities. Fortunately, more than 94% of the funding was intercepted thanks to the swift response of Interpol’s offices in Hong Kong, Beijing and Bogotá.

Meanwhile, in another case, a Slovenian company was tricked into sending over US $ 800,000 to a money mule account in China. The Slovenian criminal police were able to work with foreign authorities to intercept and return the funds.

This operation also provided substantial information about the new developments in online financial crime. Colombian officials were able to discover a mobile application containing malware that appeared to be affiliated with Netflix’s hit series Squid Games. When the victim downloaded the Trojan, he hacked the user’s billing information and subscribed to a paid premium service, but the user was unwise.

“Online fraud that abuses malicious apps evolves as rapidly as the cultural tendency to be opportunistically abused,” warned Jose de Gracia, assistant director of Interpol’s Criminal Police Organization. .. He added that sharing information on new threats is the key to helping law enforcement agencies protect victims of financial cybercrime.

More than 1,000 people arrested in global crackdown on online fraud More than 1,000 people arrested in global crackdown on online fraud

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