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The wait is finally over.After months of expectations and relative silence on the EA side, about the next generation FIFA 21 Would have to offer, EA threw bones at us and released FIFA 21 For those of us who were lucky enough to get the next generation system, one day early. Take the pitch without delay and see what all the turmoil is in the FIFA 21 Next Generation Review.

For the purposes of this review, we will only hit areas that have changed compared to the previous generation. That is, we will not discuss game modes. If you want to know more about them, go to the current generation review.

What I like – FIFA 21 next generation review


Simply put, this is the best looking foot game ever. Leverage the power of the next generation to see action in stunning 4K at 60 FPS (apart from cutscenes). Smooth animations, detailed face scans and textures, and stunning stadiums take action on the pitch to a realistic level. Using the new EA GameCam camera, the reliability was further improved, and for the first time since I had the PS5, I thought, “This is the next generation!”

FIFA 21 Next Generation vs. Final Generation

Face scans are less frequent as you go to lesser-known leagues, but playing top-flight matches as EA enhances its presentation package with stadium intros available at some clubs. Looks real. Even some of the new features, such as “off-ball humanize,” which looked like fluff, have come off well, making it harder to see what’s going on for fear of missing something. I’m not the one to dig into your pocket, but if you can pay a little cash to upgrade your TV / game monitor this holiday season, it’s definitely worth enjoying this game at a higher refresh rate ..

Load time

Sure, it’s not unique to FIFA 21However, every day after loading a match and looking at a mobile phone, I miss all the great things before the match. First admitting that the “activity card” didn’t help much to move the needle of interest at first, but as someone who likes the new PS5 UI, I love being able to launch it in my career mode. From the main menu of PS5. It’s all right not to have to look at the Liverpool Player (TAA) in the FIFA menu.

Dual haptics

I’m sorry to all Xbox Series X owners, but I have to take a little boy who is a PlayStation fan here. The DualSense controller adds a new dimension to sports games and as a first workaround, FIFA 21 Next generation. The first thing to notice is that the controller is responsive when it comes to dribbling. I’ll talk about this in a moment, especially how gameplay changes, but the overall sensation is one of the general increases in turn, dribble, and movement “tightness.” The contact with the ball when passing or shooting is not only audible but also felt. The small vibrations of the controller add to the experience when creating paths and hitting shots.

FIFA 21 Next Generation Review

Last but not least, the fatigue effect is a big early effort by EA. As the player gets tired, it becomes more and more difficult to press the turbo button on both long and long sprints. As an offline game champion, you can take a step closer to simulation by seeing and feeling the effects of fatigue. If there is an area, I hope EA will extend haptics to injuries. Playing the North London Derby as a Spurs (not escaping a bad choice as a Chelsea fan) and afflicting Harry Kane with a knock is just as realistic as seeing him try to escape it. What I want is that he feels a little dull, especially in the case of lower body injuries. Perhaps this will be seen in the near future as EA gets a better understanding of new technologies.

Ball physics

I don’t know if it’s visual due to being able to actually see the ball spinning, but the physics of the ball is more reliable on the second lap FIFA 21.. The ball feels heavy, and yeah, the passing speed is still too fast with the default settings. But overall, it’s a step up from the turmoil of the previous generation.

Movement and physicality

This wasn’t mentioned in any of the articles released by EA before the next-generation release, but like Madden, the way players move feels different on the PS5. One of my biggest complaints about FIFA over the last few years has been about the sacrifice of EA’s foot planting aimed at making the game super responsive, especially in movement. FIFA 21 The next generation feels more sensitive, but closer to a realistic move. Foot planting isn’t perfect yet, but with the addition of “responsive multi-touch animation”, the laws of physics are more respected, especially when turning.

Dribbling also feels good because quick changes in momentum are as effective as skill movements. Close control in tight spaces with players like Real Madrid’s Eden Hazard feels a spot.

Do you remember the days when physicality and clashes filled YouTube’s servers with hilarious failure videos? The EA has solved the problem over the years, but there are still some problems. FIFA 21 The next generation will erase most of those memories and replace them with realistic physical battles.

The reverse is also true FIFA 21 When it comes to avoiding those unnecessary conflicts. It uses some cool new animations to prevent players from hitting their teammates, so it’s smoother when players seem to be together with magnetic attraction. ..

I was completely hoping that Modric would hit Asensio and give the ball in a cheerful way. Instead, he had a sideways stain contextually before I tried to square it. Forgive me for the excited vocals, I went all-in to El Clásico.


Finally, the EA captured the emotions of a soccer match. From the intro of the new stadium to the enhanced crowd, the match is a hot topic. The intelligent crowd grows audibly in anticipation of aggressive movements, and when a slow goal is scored, it goes crazy like a player.

Even the subtleties of hearing players greeting each other while shaking hands feels a little nice. All that is missing is the customary English “Come to Youth”. In the tunnel before kickoff.

What I don’t like – FIFA 21 Next Generation Review

Occasional frame rate drop

Thankfully, less often, especially during replays, the frame rate can drop from the buttery smooth 60FPS to 30FPS, and unfortunately those moments stick out like thumb pain. As EA gets more time with the new system, I hope these weird things will be resolved.

No significant changes to AI

Unfortunately, with all the shiny new upgrades offered by the new system, the AI ​​remains about the same.If you didn’t have a chance to read FIFA 21 Review of the current generation, I repeat you the two biggest issues that save you time and hold FIFA 21 back:

1. Lack of awareness in the middle of the defense …

2. I don’t want the AI ​​to send the cross.

The crossroads issue can be due to some of the team’s tactics, but it’s still clear that the midfielder isn’t tracking the runner, which is one of the only reasons it’s hindering it. .. FIFA 21 The next generation from being a great game.

Perhaps it’s a design choice related to rating (a combination of recognition and work rate), but the EA encourages both online and offline players to do all the work on the defender side. So the midfielder is still a ball watch. It’s pretty pessimistic that this is addressed directly through the patch. Therefore, I hope that tweaking something else related to gameplay will have a trickle-down effect.


FIFA 21 next generation full game

Whenever a game developer is asked to upgrade a game to a new system in the middle of a cycle, it becomes difficult. When this happened in the past, it was not uncommon for features and even modes to be omitted. Fortunately for us football lovers, FIFA 21 PS5 is better than PS4. As you move back and forth between versions, you’ll find that visual upgrades are important.

You would expect it. What was unexpected was that when you picked up the controller, the movement felt more realistic, while at the same time you saw the player animate more smoothly, with greater weight and momentum. It’s clear that dribbling and defenders like the best dribbling in the world mistakenly do it often instead of bold tricks. The ebb and flow of the match can make you merciful, as you will feel better while maintaining a stunning movement.

On top of that, there’s great audio that feels perfectly in sync following every step of the player. Also, there are games that are as good as you can see the VAR always awarding Man, and you can miss the fact that AI can be frustrating. Unify the penalties.

It’s not a system seller, but if you’re lucky enough to get new hardware and even a casual football fan, it’s worth checking out (especially the current generation version at a cheaper price). Because you can find it). Just get a “free” upgrade to the next generation).

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