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Last month, Miesha’s Tate suffered the first setback since returning to MMA after a five-year retirement. Ketren Viera and UFC Vegas 43.. Currently, Tate is trying to avoid another kind of setback. This is the type that results from booking a fight with someone who has a history of losing weight.

Earlier this month Aspen LaddThe bantamweight, fourth in the UFC ranking, sought a fight with Tate to settle beef between the two.The grudge comes from Tate’s comments about Rudd. UFC Vegas 38, When Rudd lost weight Tate accused her of failing to trick the scale.. A few weeks later, Tate commented on Rudd again. It suggests that there was also a problem with Rudd’s relationship with head coach Jim West... After Tate lost to Vieira, Rudd suggested that she and Tate “treat this like an adult” and fight, but given Rudd’s track record on the scale, Tate assumes that risk. I’m not interested in.

“Aspen Ladd called me to fight for £ 135,” Tate told her. YouTube page.. “I’m worried that I’m wasting my entire camp training because of a potentially large-scale battle. Aspen Ladd weighed three times in his MMA career. I missed one and couldn’t participate in the fight because of the problem of weight loss. That is, four times in total. Go to PI (Performance Institute) to show some progress. If one of the bantam-class people wants to take that risk, they hate them. “

It’s true that Rudd consistently suffers from 135 scales. Rudd first lost weight at Invicta and lost weight at 138.1 pounds. Jessica Hoi In 2016.Next in 2017, Rudd Jessica Eye and Ultimate Fighter 25 FinaleHowever, the match was abandoned on the day of the fight because Rudd became ill, and the result Ai speculated was due to Rudd’s weight loss. In 2018, Rudd was going to face Leslie Smith At UFC Fight Night 128, but lost weight again. This time at £ 1.8, Smith refused to accept the catchweight match. In 2019, Rudd caused controversy when she gained weight to fight with Germaine de Randummy But to do so it almost collapsed on the scale.Then, as mentioned earlier, earlier this year, Rudd lost weight due to a scheduled match. Macy Cheerson The match was canceled at UFC Vegas 38 due to health concerns. Overall, it’s a nasty history that doesn’t build confidence in Rudd’s ability to create bantamweight limits, and Tate says he’s not interested in taking risks unless Rudd can solve her problem.

“If Aspen Ladd appears, earns £ 135 and performs well, we may be talking,” Tate concludes. “But until then, I’m out. It’s professional, not personal.”

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Jake Paul hacked boxing incredibly efficiently. At some point he will face someone who can actually box, but for now, that guy is playing everything perfectly.

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Morning Report: Miesha Tate rejects Aspen Ladd’s call for Rudd’s repeated weight struggle: “It’s professional, not personal.” Morning Report: Miesha Tate rejects Aspen Ladd’s call for Rudd’s repeated weight struggle: “It’s professional, not personal.”

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