Morpheus is not the only recast young character

In addition to Morpheus played by actor Yahya Abdul Matine II, you can recast more characters from the original trilogy. Matrix resurrection?? Even after the 4th first trailer matrix In the movie, the cast raised more questions than it provided the answer. Not only are both Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss back, Neo And Trinity died at the end of Matrix Revolutions, However, it is unclear who the newcomers Jonathan Groff and Neil Patrick Harris are playing. And even stranger, the characters that were still alive at the end of the previous movie, especially Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus, are suspiciously lacking in modern lineups and trailers.

Even before Abdul Mateen was confirmed to intervene as a new young Morpheus, he had long been the subject of rumors, but not widespread enough to keep fans away from the scent.Even before the new movie was officially announced, there were reports that Warner Bros. was watching the new movie. matrix The film was centered around young Morpheus, with Michael B. Jordan initially depicted as a crosshair. Matrix 4The clear lack of Fishburne only added fuel to its fire and trailer, but confirmed that the Yahya Abdul Matine II was certainly Anderson’s incredibly cool eye-opener. ..

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Morpheus may be a special case, Matrix 4Recasting the character opens the door to other legacy figures that will appear in 2022 under the guise of a completely different actor.Why, how, and who is behind this more potential recast Matrix resurrection.

Why Morpheus isn’t the only recast character

Young Morpheus Question Matrix 4 It depends on the setting, which is one of the still deep-rooted mysteries of the movie.What kind of story or scenario was born Neo And Trinity both look at how fans remember them (for another 15 years or so), but does Morpheus look younger than ever? Of course time travel may be involved, but Neo and Trinity don’t know the past as they get older, so the trailer seems to suggest that it’s not the answer at all. Then again, it is possible that they are returned to The Matrix and it turns out that their memories have been deleted for some reason-after all, Neo seems to partially remember Trinity. Are they deprived of their memories of Zion’s long-collapsed era in order not to be distracted by the shared past? That would at least explain that Morpheus looks younger than the original trilogy.

Arguably the easiest option, but you don’t need time travel to introduce a recast character Matrix 4.. As the trailer suggests, Lana Wachowski’s next resurrection is the restarted Matrix world following the end of the original trilogy where Neo’s death pressed a big red reset button. It can happen inside. In previous Matrix builds, this process killed everything except a handful of humans, but Neo managed to avoid that contingency for some reason. Other factors as well, as Neo broke the cycle, the next world is, in theory, the Wachowski’s choice, and the Matrix lives in a permanent pattern that always returns to the same point. It makes sense to be repeated.Maybe machineA non-fatal restart solution is to place a younger avatar than the real-world avatar in the simulated reality.This means that Neo and Trinity interact primarily with young Morpheus. Matrix resurrectionAfter arriving at Zion, before finally meeting the original Laurence Fishburne, it gave the actor a small cameo.Of course, whoever was the last to live Matrix Revolutions You will receive the same treatment.

Which other matrix characters can I recast?

Except for Morpheus, anyone else could be plausibly recast Matrix resurrection?? The most likely candidates are those who lived in Zion in the original trilogy. With the theory that Neo and Trinity actually time-traveled to previous versions of the Matrix, you can meet Cipher in a fascinating subplot.Joe Pantoliano’s character became a villain in the 1999s matrixAnd crossing the road with a young cypher creates the classic time travel dilemma of not being able to kill future enemies as it ruins the flow of time. Something like a tank, with a cypher, switch Dozers may also have appeared in the past, all played by different actors.

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If Matrix 4 Rather than digging into the rabbit hole in time travel, there are many possibilities when it comes to the actual restarted settings. In this scenario, things like Cypher and Switch were already dead and probably not considered important enough to bring back with Neo or Trinity, so I couldn’t go back. Instead, young Morpheus could be joined by Jason Rock, the leader of Zion, played by Harry Lennix, during his time as commander.

Recasts aren’t just for human characters. Something like Oracle or Agent Smith can physically appear, matrix.. Oracle Once changed actress due to Gloria Foster’s sad death, the role was handed over to Mary Alice Matrix Revolutions.. Given her totipotency as a program in The Matrix, recasting Oracle would be even more surprising. did not do it It will be displayed in Matrix 4..In addition, former Agent Smith actor Hugo Weaving revealed that he was sought after. matrix I just decline the movie and offer.This confirms it Agent Smith Or at least wasA feature of The Wachowski’s new story, Weaving cannot happily or recreate his role as a digital villain, so the character needs to be recreated. Like Oracle, Smith is someone whose physical appearance is open to some degree of flexibility.

A few matrix The character may be recast for the fourth movie, but it will be old rather than young.Clayton Watson originally played Kid matrix A trilogy, firmly established as the future of Zion and as a loyal disciple of The One. If future Zion is threatened, Kid is likely to advocate the resurrection of Neo as a solution, Matrix 4..Another character originally set as “future” matrix The trilogy was Sati, and the end Matrix Revolutions It even implied that the child was responsible for building a restarted digital world. Being a Matrix program, Sati doesn’t necessarily have to age, but the original young actress is now a fully grown-up adult, so the character still needs to be recast. Priyanka Chopra is here Matrix resurrection, And the age suitable for playing Sati in the future.

Why young Morpheus is a one-off

Yahya Abdul Matine of The Matrix Resurrection

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that Morpheus may merge with other recast characters. The Matrix RevivalHowever, it is possible that the actor can only be changed once. Matrix 4The motivation for recasting Morpheus is one of the biggest mysteries of the current movie, but the answer is probably: Matrix online, 2005 MMORPG It was released as a continuation of the movie trilogy Canon.Most franchises definitely ignore the game altogether, but some persistent similarities suggest Matrix online After all, it is not completely retrofitted. First, the story of the game sowed seeds for both Neo and Trinity to return from death. this is, Matrix resurrection..The video game also features Melovingian as a major villain, and conveniently Lambert Wilson’s character Matrix Reloaded I’m back in Chapter 4.Another important plot point of matrix online Morpheus’s death, which could be the very reason why the character was first recast.

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Assumption Matrix 4 Taking Matrix online Reborn with consideration Neo and Trinity It would be scary to know Morpheus’s death, as Morpheus desperately set out to recover Neo’s corpse. Matrix resurrection The trailer makes the idea of ​​Morpheus dying and resurrected unexpected, but it could be related to some misdirection. Neo could be sent back to an older version of the Matrix to regain Morpheus, not to mention their shared past to avoid Morpheus discovering his future death. After all matrix Folklore has already established the idea that prophecies and destiny are undisturbed so that they are secret. That would at least explain why Neo looks like a Morpheus student again.

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