Mortal Shell Bag Head | How to Get a Secret Ending – Guide Fall

world of Mortal shell It can be confusing and malicious. Many problems on the way through this secret realm can sometimes be overwhelming. So you might want to finish the game a little earlier and make friends along the way. Now, with an NPC named Baghead, that vision could come true.

How to get a secret bag head ending in Mortal shell

To end with Baghead Mortal shell, First you need to find an NPC. The bag head is near the end of the Fall Grimm Forest. He sits on a log next to the frog’s chest on golf. When you reach the end of the forest, there should be a way to the left of the entrance to the next area.

I found a kind bandit, so talk to him. For the first time, he will ask you for a roasted mouse. This is an item found in Folgrim itself and can be consumed for health. Give it to him instead.

The second time he talks to Baghead, he will want some good moonshine. It is also found inside Folgrim and on the outskirts of Folgrim. They tend to be hidden in chests and crates scattered around the fall grim. You can still drink some (for a massive solution boost!) And it’s close enough to have it to give him.

The third time he asks for nothing. Instead, he would simply say that you can be with him and enjoy a simple life. If you agree, you’ll see a cutscene playing the lute in a chilling bag head while the world is overwhelmed by ghouls. After that, the credit will be played, but don’t worry. Reach the last checkpoint reached.

This is not the end, but a “what-if” scenario.But the credits are still rolling … Congratulations on “groaning” Mortal shell!!

Mortal Shell Baghead | How to Get Secret Ending

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