Most 10 quotes from Reservoir Dogs

Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir dog is One of the greatest and most memorable director debuts ever.. The Stealers Wheel torture scene caused a surprising number of strikes, but the film revived an independent American film on its own.

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Many of Tarantino’s characteristics are Reservoir dogLike his satirical violence and homage-led storytelling.From the offset, as a character Analyzing Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” with a diner, Reservoir dog We introduced QT’s unique dialogue style to the audience. Movie fans quickly fell in love with it. Thirty years later, Tarantino’s filmography has some of the most cited lines in film history, from “Royal with Cheese” to “Gorlami.”

Ten “I don’t tip because society says I have to do it.” – Pink

Reservoir Dogs Steve Buscemi

When paying a check at the end of breakfast in the opening scene Reservoir dog, Joe asks everyone at the table to tip for $ 1. Pink protested the tip etiquette and gave him a tip when the waiter went another mile, but said the tip was “for the birds.”

Eight years ago when Larry David adorned HBO’s radio waves Suppress your enthusiasm“I don’t tip because society says I have to do it,” said Pink.

9 “Are you going to bark all day, a little dog, or chew?” – Blonde

Reservoir Dogs Mr. Blonde

Blonde One of the most evil and sadistic characters At Tarantino’s villain gallery. Even after the writer’s director introduced Colonel Hans Landa and Calvin Candy to the audience, Mr. Blonde remains one of his most sinister villains.

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But Michael Madsen’s icy performance makes him strangely charismatic. As Mr White is chewing on him for unnecessarily killing an innocent civilian, Mr Blonde calmly says, “Are you going to bark all day, a little dog, or chew?” I will.

8 “I died as a derringer.” – Joe Cabot

Lawrence Tierney as Joe Cabot at his office at Reservoir Dogs

When Joe finally arrives at the rendezvous point, he is quite dissatisfied with what happened to his work. He says. I will do it. c ** ksucker turned over the policeman and killed Mr Brown and Mr Blue. “

Pink is surprised to hear about the second (not the first) and asks: Is blue dead? Joe replies, “I died as Dillinger.”

7 “The whole song is a metaphor …” – Mr Brown

Reservoir Dogs opening scene

In the opening scene of Reservoir dog, The character sits around the cafeteria and talks about pop culture before a big robber. Mr Brown, played by Tarantino, explains his interpretation of Madonna’s classic “Like Our Lady.”

“Let’s talk about what’Like a Virgin’is,” he explains. “It’s all about a girl digging a man with a big d * ck. The whole song is a metaphor for a big duck.”

6 “You shoot me in a dream, you wake up better and apologize.” – Mr White

Reservoir Dogs Blonde

When Mr. White and Mr. Blond collide in the cafeteria in the opening scene of the movie, Mr. Blond asks his boss, “Joe, do you want me to shoot this guy?”

Mr White ominously told him, “Sh * t, you shoot me in a dream, you should wake up and apologize.”Mr. Blond ends up Shot dead by Mr. Orange..

Five “That F ****** Stop pointing the gun at my dad!” – Nice Guy Eddie

Reservoir Dogs Mexican Standoff

Climax Reservoir dog Watch the surviving characters get caught at the warehouse standoffs. Joe wants to kill Mr. Orange, and Mr. White threatens to kill him, so Joe’s son, “Nice Guy,” Eddie points his gun at Mr. White.

The line “Larry, stop pointing the gun at your dad” was included with a slight tweak. Shaun of the Dead “Don’t point that gun at your mom!”

Four “Are there any real people?” – Pink

Reservoir dog white pink

Mr. Orange has a gunshot wound that is bleeding like a sieve, so Mr. White cannot discuss the aftermath of the robbery until Mr. Pink arrives at the rendezvous. They have interactions with these thieves that really show the coldness of their work.

Talking about the victims of the robbery, Pink said: Did you kill someone? “White says,” a few policemen, “and Pink says,” Is there a real person? ” “Just a policeman.”

3 “Do you torture you? That’s a good idea. I like it.” – Mr. Blonde

Michael Madsen as Reservoir Dogs Blonde

The most iconic scene in Reservoir dog —And what left most people out during the initial screening — was the torture scene. Mr. Blond ties his kidnapped policeman, Marvin Nash, to a warehouse chair, and others indiscriminately leave Mr. Blond with the hostages. Marvin tells Blond: You can torture me everything you want. “Blond playfully replies:” That’s a good idea. I like that. “

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When Stealers Wheel’s nervous, bright “Stack in the Middle With You” is played on the radio, Mr. Blonde cuts off Marvin’s ears and pours petrol on him.

2 “Let’s go to work.” – Joe Cabot

One of the weirdest scenes in Reservoir dog Watch Joe Cabot give his crew a color-coded name. They are all discussing which color to get. Mr Brown says his name is “Mr. Sh * t.” Joe sternly tells them not to change his name and says “let’s go to work.”

This quote is currently most commonly associated with this film, but is one of the few lines Tarantino took from a previous film: Richard Brooks. Expert..

1 “Rally … I’m a cop.” – Mr. Orange

Reservoir Dogs Mr. Orange

The robbery took place off-screen, but it became clear that the robbery was terribly wrong because one of the crew members was a masked police officer. Throughout the film, Mr. White establishes a kind of father-son bond with Mr. Orange when trying to care for a gunshot wound. He even tells him his real name.

In the last tragic scene, Mr. White hugs Mr. Orange, who is dying, the building flock to the cops, and Mr. Orange confesses, “Rally … I’m a cops.”

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