Most Microsoft Flight Simulator players came home on their first trip

Microsoft Flight Simulator gives players the opportunity to fly wherever they want. In a year full of travel restrictions, the choice has become much easier for most people. In a new documentary on airplane games, developers revealed that when given the opportunity, nearly three-quarters of those who would become pilots went straight home as their first port of call.

The stats are thanks to the making of the game documentary Noclip. At the end of the 30-minute movie, after explaining all the technical magic from developer Asobo Studios, host Danny O’Dwyer will show you where people flew after completing all the tutorials. Given the current situation, widespread blockades, etc., we found that 70% of players had the opportunity to fly home and many players were still on a voyage that they couldn’t.

Among them are the developers themselves who used the new game as a way to connect with their families. “When the coronavirus struck, I was supposed to visit my family, but I couldn’t because they live in Germany,” says Jorg Neumann, head of Microsoft Flight Simulator. “So I flew there and called my parents and talked about the weather. It looked exactly at the same time, in the same weather. I basically called them and said,” I can. I’m near you. ” “

Neumann further states that the team received many emails from people telling similar anecdotes. “I think it’s great because the world is a little further away from us and a little closer to the inside of the sim,” he said.

You can see the complete documentary below. This part occurs at 30:11.

In his review, our Ben Maxwell calls the simulation game “a visionary breakthrough release.” A major US update has been released this month, with a UK update scheduled for January.

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