Most of CD Projekt’s third-quarter revenue of $ 27.9 million came from The Witcher 3.

At this point, five years ago, Wticher 3 The company continues to print money on CD Projekt, the company reports The witcherLeading increase in both revenue and profit, despite the costs associated with Cyberpunk 2077The latest (and seemingly final!) Delay.

Overall, the company reported CFO sales of 104.5 million PLN (approximately $ 27.9 million) for the three months to 31 September. Piotr Nielubowicz “Most” of CD Projekt’s revenue is The witcher 3..

Overall sales have increased by about 12% since last year $ 24.8 million..Revenue from selling products increased from $ 12.6 million to $ 16.5 million, and revenue from selling services increased $ 124,630, Down from $635,428Revenues from the sale of goods and materials decreased from $ 11.6 million to $ 11.3 million.

“Sale of The witcher 3 All four hardware platforms continue to account for the majority of revenue, “said Nielubowicz in a third-quarter video update for CD Projekt. The witcher The entire series is the driving force behind the company’s performance.

Gwent Due to the semi-recent appearance of CD Projekt on iOS, Android and Steam, revenue increased by 608% compared to the third quarter of last year.

Despite CD Projekt’s increased marketing for Cyberpunk 2077, GWENT, and quarterly profits were $ 6.1 million, up 60% year-over-year. Wticher 3 Increase spending in the selling, general and administrative segment by 14% year-over-year.

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