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There wasn’t much news about Aaron Rodgers Recent front desk.He is still I wanna go out, But Packers Front Office Still unflinching.. One of Rogers’ former coaches participated Taken the QB side of things..Meanwhile, the fans Looking for clues Something may be in progress. But fans aren’t the only ones left in the dark. Rogers’ Top Receive Target, Davante Adams, Wants God’s intervention Maintain the dominant MVP in green and gold. “I’m 100% behind him throughout. Obviously, I hope everything goes well and we get him back.”

This will take you to today’s quiz today. In NFL history, only 25 QBs have thrown more than 35 touchdown passes in at least one season. Rogers did this five times and was almost always tied. With that in mind, how many of the 25 signaling callers can be named in 5 minutes?

good luck!

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“Most seasons of 35TD pass” quiz “Most seasons of 35TD pass” quiz

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