Most supermarket chicken mixed with white fat: Report

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Tuesday, September 21, 2021 (HealthDay News)

According to a new report from the Humane League, 99% of chicken in supermarkets has fat pockets called white stripes. running Through it.

Nonprofits said the findings show how chickens are raised and have little interest in their welfare. However, the group added that white stripes can also deplete the nutritional value of meat.

The findings “should warn consumers everywhere,” said David Koman Heidi, president of the Humane League. news release..

The Humane League has analyzed chicken in 29 major supermarkets nationwide. They found white striped disease in all but 1% of the chickens studied. Moderate to severe white streaks were found in 70% of chickens, and all 16 major groceries surveyed had white streaks on their branded chicken breast packages. White striping occurs when chickens are bred for fast growth. According to the Humane League, these methods increase bird fat by up to 224% and reduce protein levels.

Ten years ago, white stripes were found in less than 5% of chickens, but five years later, they were found in 96% of chickens. CBS MoneyWatch report.

However, the National Chicken Council said the report was unscientific and the white stripes were like marbled lean meat. “White stripes are not a disease, they are a quality factor in chicken breast caused by the buildup of fat in the muscles during bird growth and development,” said a spokesman. CBS..

Only 3% to 6% of birds in commercial herds have serious cases of white stripes, a spokesman added. Most of the terrible white striped meat is used in processed products and is not sold as boneless or skinless breast meat. “Therefore, when consumers buy meat in stores, the meat does not have white stripes,” he said.

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sauce: CBS MoneyWatch

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