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Almost a carbon copy of the opening round of the weekend, GRM Peugeot driver Cameron hurriedly started from 2nd on the grid, jumping Paul Sitter’s Mostert and building a 2.9-second lead on the first lap.

However, Cameron couldn’t maintain his advantage for too long, and Mostert cut the gap in half on the next lap and then closed Peugeot’s rivals further on the next three tours.

Unlike Race 1, where Mostert ran three laps, the MPC Audi driver finished his work almost immediately this time, passing Cameron on the fifth lap chase.

Cameron tried to catch up with Mostert on his next tour, the two ran within a second of each other, but the 28-year-old was eventually able to leave the rest of the field.

He finally crossed the line with a 3-second advantage and set the fastest lap along the way.

Garth Tandel put two Audi on the podium from the MPC team. The four Bathurst 1000 champions successfully evaded Jordan Cox’s GRM Alfa Romeo.

Cox was one of the big moves in the race, finishing 3rd on the opening lap and then 5th on John Martin (Wall Racing Honda).

Later, in contact with Jay Hanson (Ashley Seward Alpha), who stopped at the top of the hill, he was promoted to 4th place, chasing Tander hard on the last lap and on the final podium.

However, he couldn’t fill the gap enough to make a pass in the end and crossed the line just behind him.

After passing Cox, Martin dropped out of the lead pack and was overdue for another 6 seconds. Teammate Holdsworth was placed just behind him in 6th place after passing Bradley Shields’ Tilton Racing Hyundai in three laps.

James Moffat (GRM Renault) finished in 9th place, with Michael Caruso (GRM Alpha) and Jason Bargwana (Burson Peugeot) finishing in 7th place ahead of Shields.

2019 runner-up Tony Dalberto was having trouble with the shock of his wall racing Honda at the start before the punctured tires forced him to travel to an unplanned pit. He got back on track, but failed to complete enough laps to classify, adding Hanson and Michael Clemont to the list of retirees.

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Mostert wins 2 straight wins Mostert wins 2 straight wins

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