Moth Diary twists a teenage girl into a traditional vampire metaphor

Rebecca’s handsome English teacher Vampire story It contains three components: blood, gender, and death. These are also frequently found in seijin-shiki stories. Adolescence is a very fragile and dramatic period in a person’s life, and everything feels like life or death. Especially friendship and romance. Teens are often overwhelmed by intense hormonal changes and newly discovered erotic emotions.

At the beginning of the Moth Diary, the girls in the corridor discuss losing (or lacking) a virgin and boyfriend. As Ernesa approaches Lucy, Rebecca experiences sexual jealousy, and when she wakes up one night, she finds her engrossed in her passionate and moaning hug. But, like most movies, it’s hard to tell if this is a reality or just a manifestation of her subconscious desires.

Vampires want blood as a life-giving source, but in the Moth Diary, blood is primarily related to death. Ernesa doesn’t want to drink Rebecca’s blood. She wants Rebecca to spill her stuff. From the appearance of Rebecca’s menstruation to the buckets that fall from the sky, the blood is visually characterized throughout the film. Ernesa takes advantage of Rebecca’s depression and her suicidal ideation, a typical teenage illness exacerbated by her memory of witnessing the death of her father. “The moment of death is ecstatic. It’s the most enjoyable feeling. You’re born into a new being,” Ernesa tells her, desperately trying to get Rebecca to the other side of her. “The Moth Diaries” is a fascinating mix of vampire iconography and teen soap opera about the pain of growth.

Moth Diary twists a teenage girl into a traditional vampire metaphor

https://www.slashfilm.com/915464/year-of-the-vampire-the-moth-diaries-puts-a-teen-girl-twist-on-traditional-vampire-tropes/ Moth Diary twists a teenage girl into a traditional vampire metaphor

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