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The Avintia Ducati rider stepped up to MotoGP in 2021 and won second place in last year’s Moto2 ranking, racing for the first time on the same grid as the Rossi brothers.

Marini, who was struggling to change the grip of the race compared to the practice race, finished 16th in the race last Sunday and 3rd out of 4 rookies.

“Sincerely, that’s a bad thing. I’m not happy with my race, but I’m not happy with my position, especially my pace, because I thought it was much faster,” he said.

“But I had a lot of trouble, especially because the grip was a bit different from all other practices and I find it not easy to stop the bike in the final stages of entry. Also, in the corners In the middle I can’t do corner speed.

“So I was late in every corner of the circuit, it wasn’t one place in particular.”

Asked how it was to share the grid with Rossi for the first time, Marini added:

“I almost forgot that he was on the same grid at the same time. I wasn’t thinking about this.

“But it was a big impression to see the MotoGP class for the first time. It’s wonderful.”

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Marini’s Avintia teammate Enea Tierney led the rookie harvest, recovering from the “disaster” and starting three laps, finishing in 10th place.

“I learned a lot because the start was so late. The first three laps were a disaster for me with the new tires,” Tierney said.

“It was difficult, but I got a good lap time in these three laps, and I was ranked 10th step by step.

“After that, I tried to push further, but on the last 6 laps my arm was so tired that I couldn’t reach 7th place.”

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Tierney wasn’t the only impressive rookie display. Jorge Martin of Pramac jumped from 14th to 4th at the start and temporarily moved to 3rd on the opening lap.

Admitting to run that high, Martin plummeted to 15th place when his tires disappeared.

“I actually had a very good start compared to other Ducati riders and I thought it would work,” Martin explained.

“I knew I could pass three or four, but I couldn’t pass at 12.

“It was comfortable at first, but it wasn’t my position and it was a big blow. I think it’s not a bad result to finish in 15th place and score points in the end.

“But I think my real position today is 12th and I’m happy with my job and how I ride.”

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MotoGP rookie Marini “almost forgotten” brother Rossi was on the Qatar grid MotoGP rookie Marini “almost forgotten” brother Rossi was on the Qatar grid

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