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Fausto Gresini, the boss of the MotoGP team, remains “vulnerable” while fighting COVID-19 in an Italian hospital, but doctors say his recent advances provide a “more optimistic” prognosis. I say I did.

The boss of the double 125cc world champion and veteran MotoGP team fell ill with COVID-19 shortly before Christmas and was taken to Imola’s hospital.

As his condition worsened, he was transferred to a specialized COVID care ward in Bologna shortly before the New Year, where he was placed in a medically induced coma and connected to a ventilator to aid in breathing. ..

In early January, doctors slowly released him from coma, but used sedatives and ventilators.

Gresini returned to sedation after showing small signs of improvement in the next few days Last week, the virus continued to have serious effects on his lungs.

On Monday, the Gresini team made a brief update to show that the Italian is still on ventilator, but his blood oxygen levels are steadily progressing, but need treatment for some time. Issued.

“Minor but comforting news about the health of Fausto Gresini, who has been in the Maggiore Carlo Alberto Pizzardi Hospital in Bologna for more than three weeks,” the statement began.

“Dr. Nicola Sironi [said]: “The general clinical condition of Fausto Gresini is fragile, but it is slowly and gradually improving.

“He is conscious and combative. Radiation and laboratory tests are moving in the same direction.

“He still needs to be ventilated, but blood oxygenation is gradually improving.

“He started physiotherapy to rehabilitate both breathing and muscles.

“He remains critical and vulnerable over the long course of treatment, but recent directions still provide a modest and more optimistic prognosis.”

Much of the world is now trapped in the second wave of viruses, and new, more infectious variants are causing a surge in cases around the world, requiring stricter control measures.

This is already affecting MotoGP, Sepang pre-season test in Malaysia scheduled for next month will be cancelled Because the country has declared a state of emergency.

MotoGP published a revised calendar last week, Qatar will be set up for two races, followed by a third round in Portugal, and the US and Argentina Grand Prix will be postponed.

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MotoGP team boss status is “vulnerable” but prognosis is “more optimistic” | MotoGP News MotoGP team boss status is “vulnerable” but prognosis is “more optimistic” | MotoGP News

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