MotoGP21 headed for PS5 and PS4 with new features in April

Milestone and Dorna Sports have announced that the next entry in the MotoGP franchise will be released on April 22nd on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S, and PC.

In addition to the official 2021 season, MotoGP21 offers a whole new management career mode. The developers have promised that the game will harness the power of the new console to provide realistic customization options and visuals. The main functions are as follows.

Bike search sequence – If you fall, you will no longer automatically respawn on the track. You need to get up and return to your bike as soon as possible. Please be careful about how to take the corner!

Brake temperature – Riding is not only a matter of speed, but also of strategy. Monitoring the temperature of the brakes is always the key to controlling the situation. If it is too hot or too cold, there is a risk of loss of effectiveness.

Long lap penalty – Finally, this feature will be introduced in the MotoGP video game franchise. In other words, the penalty can be made more specific.
Bike Suspension System-The level of realism is rising again. This feature is dedicated to all bike simulation enthusiasts!

With PS5, players can experience up to 4K dynamic resolution, 60 frames per second, enhanced lighting, and improved load times. MotoGP 21 also takes advantage of DualSense tactile feedback and adaptive triggers.

Elsewhere, milestones now allow online racing to support up to 22 riders, and its machine learning-based AI system ANNA “for faster, smarter, and more accurate opponents than ever before. It features additional improvements to make the offline experience comparable to a real race. “

See the trailer below.

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