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MotorsportDays LIVE is the largest show window of national motorsports in the UK this year with over 100 exhibitors in the racing world.

One of the unique features of this event, which will be held in Silverstone from November 5th to 6th, is that visitors can book track times with manufacturers and championship promoters and test their cars at Silverstone International Circuit. And you can choose the location (and probably what). ) Race in 2022.

This will be the third edition of the groundbreaking on-track trade show after last year’s edition was canceled in the coronavirus pandemic.Currently supported by resources and investment Motorsport network, The show aims to raise another gear after 2021.

Whether you’re looking for the first step in sports, looking for your next championship drive, or wanting to network with like-minded professionals, MotorsportDays LIVE prepares for next year’s race. It’s a gathering place for the event, “explains Ben Wibley at the event. Founder and director. “It’s a great opportunity to see how sports are transforming into an exciting new era as British motorsport recovers from the blockade. A new championship is announced and the latest truck cars are announced. This is a must-see event for both licensees and aspiring racers. “

Motorsport UK CEO Hugh Chambers was enthusiastic about the last show. “What a wonderful innovation,” he said. “The point of motor racing is to get out there and try the car. Motorsport Days LIVE does that.”

That’s all about the event. For licensees or anyone looking for the first step in a racing ladder, a visit to Silverstone gives them the opportunity to become familiar with and personally approach the latest models from professional manufacturers.

The revival of the Le Mans prototype with the introduction of the Hypercar category has led to increased interest in junior prototype racing, with Praga, Radical and Revolution all unveiling 2022 cars at Motorsport Days Live.

Praga Cars will launch its first one-make championship in 2022. A close-paced R1 prototype starring at this year’s Brit Car Endurance Championship, the Czech company will unveil its plans for 2022 at next week’s event.

Both the Sport Prototype Cup and the 430hp Truck Day Evolution version of the Revolution A-One were launched at the first Motorsport Days LIVE event in 2018. Three years later, this category supported two F1 Grand Prix and the World Endurance Championship. In 2022, Revolution plans to raise its gear, giving the event an exclusive glimpse of the most powerful model ever.

MotorsportDays LIVE allows you to browse and test different types of cars, getting the best of Britain’s motorsports on track and allowing you to choose where to race.

Radical has over 20 years of experience in running the one-make prototype racing series. Its SR1 and SR3 models are the flagship of the country’s motorsports, and the new turbocharged SR10 takes the pace to another level. The entire range of radicals will be on display and can be tested on Silverstone.

For single-seater destinations, the entry-level F1000 slick tire category will also be on display. The 14,000 rpm bike engine screamer offers close and thrilling racing at an affordable price.

Saloons and GT racers will have the opportunity to try out BMW and Lotus Cups, GT Cups, Brit Cars, Mini Se7en Machines and other British Championships on Fridays and Saturdays at Silverstone.

For those who want to climb the ladder to a touring car race, Mini Challenge offers a test drive on its 275bhp JCW car. Drivers competing in the 2022 race will be refunded the cost of one session for the 2022 Championship entry fee. As with all manufacturers, test drives must be booked directly with the company.

The best place to find a way to start a circuit race is to talk to the many clubs exhibiting at Motorsport Days LIVE. Together, the presence of numerous different organizers such as the 750 Motor Club, British Automobile Racing Club, Classic Sports Car Club, British Racing and Sports Car Club, all under one roof between over 100 different British Championships. Offers the opportunity to decide on at Silverstone. Other 2021 shows do not offer racers that opportunity.

Key details of this year’s Motorsport Days LIVE

MotorsportDays LIVE allows you to browse and test different types of cars, getting the best of Britain’s motorsports on track and allowing you to choose where to race. The spacious F1 pit garage offers the best location to look directly under the new 2022 race car.

Above the pit lane, the Silverstone Wing is a world-class exhibition and conference space. Leading companies such as Eibach, Avon Tyres, Draper Tools, Lista, Absolute Alignment, ATL Fuel Cell and Liqui Moly will be exhibiting.

With a new launch at the show, RaceSense unveiled a new type of tire pressure gauge that syncs with the phone app, Premier Power Engines debuts a new range of Sigma engines best suited for the Caterham market, and Draper uses this event. Launched the 2022 motor sports tool series. The MotorsportDays LIVE conference provides a platform for ideological leaders in motorsport to discuss on stage. We will also network with exhibitors and provide a spacious venue to start shopping for the new season.

How to register

You can join for free by pre-registering at The test drive must be booked directly with the exhibitor.

When to attend

Friday, November 5, 2021
Exhibition 0830–1700
Paddock & Track Activity 0900-1600
Conference 1000–1500

Saturday, November 6, 2021
Exhibition 0830–1600
Paddock & Track Activity 0900-1600
Conference 1000–1430

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Motorsport Days LIVE returns to orbit Motorsport Days LIVE returns to orbit

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