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London, March 31, 2021: Motorsport image Selected as an official photography institution by Extreme E. This is an exciting new area of ​​motorsport taking place in some of the harshest climates on the planet to highlight the effects of climate change. Motorsport network With over 26 million images in its license collection, the transfer and licensing business will provide all images to the series and all nine competing race teams.

This is not an easy task as Extreme E racing events pose many challenges. These include extreme environments that produce dust, sand and moisture. Internet connection; The race route is different from the traditional circuit in the normal display position, so there is a potential problem when approaching the action.

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However Motorsport image The team has been preparing for months to overcome these challenges. This is a challenge as we have many years of knowledge as a leading motorsport photography agency covering Formula One and Formula E events and have also purchased Dakar Rally and World Rally specialists. Motorsport image Ideally equipped.

The remote racing challenge involves the logical challenge of distributing images from the event. Motorsport image We have a technically proven delivery service.That is, the image is Motorsport image Customers almost as soon as they are taken.This helps Motorsport image Clients offer live and as-it-happening coverage for the race series, giving them an edge over their competitors in this area. Motorsport image Containing the world’s largest collection Motorsport imageIncludes an uninterrupted record of the entire history of the F1 World Championship.

Extreme E is a team that has joined under the names of top motorsports such as Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Jenson Button, Chip Ganassi, Michael Andretti, Molly Taylor, Claudia Hürgen and Jamie Chadwick, and has captivated the high quality field. I will. In the world’s first motorsport, each team will field one male and one female driver who will compete equally in each race for success.

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The race event will take place in the vast sand dunes of Saudi Arabia, the opening Desert X-Pri, the West African coast of Senegal (Ocean X-Pri), Kangerlussuaq, Greenland (Arctic X-Pri), Para, Brazil (Amazon X-Pri). It will be held at Puri). ), And Glacier X Prix, Argentine Patagonia at the season finale.

To support Extreme E’s sustainability position Motorsport image Being the only photography company to take images of the race series, travel to events will be reduced and editing and technical services will be provided remotely in London.

Motorsport network We support Extreme E’s message and goals regarding the environment and diversity and are proud to be part of this new journey.

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Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO of Extreme E, said: “Extreme E is set in an iconic location and features top drivers and an innovative wheel-to-wheel racing style, all of which leads to spectacular visual storytelling possibilities, but technically and There are also major logistic challenges.

“We are with Stephen Motorsport image The team has the right combination of experience and talent to bring our sport to life for the world to follow and can’t wait to see the results right away in Desert X Prix. “

Stephen Tea, Managing Director, Motorsport image (allocation): “”

“I am very pleased to be selected as the official photo agency for Extreme E’s first season as an MD for LAT images.

We will send a diverse team of photographers with skills such as WRC, Dakar Rally, Formula E and F1. This perfectly captures this completely different type of motorsport series starting April 3rd. Saudi desert. “

James Allen, President Motorsport network: “Since Alejandro Agag first talked about this project, I’ve been impressed with this Extreme E project and I’m proud to have asked the team to lead the class. First, it’s It’s visually spectacular and I can’t wait to see Stephen’s team output distributed around the world.

But beyond that, I love Extreme E’s clear sense of purpose and its goal of promoting sustainability and diversity and emphasizing how our world is changing. Both the world of motorsport and the wider world.People who follow Motorsport network You will find out how long we have defended our sporting need to show a sense of purpose. “

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Motorsport Images Appointed as Official Photo Agency for the World’s Most Radical Race Series Motorsport Images Appointed as Official Photo Agency for the World’s Most Radical Race Series

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