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Tottenham Hotspur After Jose Mourinho, he is expected to save about £ 9 million ($ 12.5 million) in compensation for Jose Mourinho. Undertook the job of head coach so Rome, A source told ESPN.

The 58-year-old woman initially agreed on a retirement allowance worth about £ 20 million ($ 27.8 million): His dismissal by Spurs last month.. That figure consisted of Mourinho receiving a full salary of around £ 15 million ($ 20.8 million) annually until his contract with Tottenham expired in the summer of 2022.

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However, sources told ESPN that the deal was in the form of Spurs, which guarantees wages up to that date, rather than a one-time lump sum payment. So if he gets a job at another club, the northern part of London only has to replenish his income. If they fall below that amount.

Sources told ESPN that Mourinho would earn € 10.2 million (£ 8.8 million) a year in Rome before tax. Tottenham will continue to pay Mourinho until he starts working in Rome this summer, after which his £ 8.8m ($ 12.2m) salary in Rome will effectively be a direct savings.

Mourinho will also benefit from Italy’s new tax cuts. This offers a 50% tax cut for top sports stars, but only if he stays in Italy for two years.

This is Mourinho’s second stint Serie ASpent two seasons Inter Milan From 2008 to 2010 he was a consecutive league title Coppa Italia And Champions League To complete the treble in his final season.

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Mourinho moves to Rome to save Tottenham $ 12.5 million$125m-per-year-sources Mourinho moves to Rome to save Tottenham $ 12.5 million

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