Movie apocalyptic psychological thriller trailer Go / Don’t Go

Psychological thrillers are a lot of fun. When the movie is well made, it will continue to entertain you very much through every act. I keep guessing every time. Sometimes they are even cruel enough to allow you to decide what the ending really was. It makes the audience think a lot. Currently, in early 2021, there is a new post-apocalyptic psychological thriller. Go / do not go.. See the trailer below!

After an unknown cataclysm, we find only Adam. He is the only vacant, unchanging inhabitant of the world. At least he believes he is alone. He begins to have a vision while he tries to remain rooted in an empty world. They are the night when his best friend introduced him to the love of his life. As Adam’s state of mind deteriorates, he is cursed with questions and uncertain truths about his world. This causes him to lose track of what’s left. It sends him to a series of unexpected results and truths.

Go / do not go

Go / do not go Written and directed by the first filmmaker, Alex Nap. Starring Alex Nap, Olivia Luccardi, Noah Davis, Betina Sky, Tom Essig and Zoe Wagner. Produced by Kamikaze Dogfight and Gravitas Ventures. Red Arrow Studio Company.

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“We are very pleased to partner with Kamikaze Dogfight and Gravitas Ventures for the release of Go / Don’t Go. Combining Gravitas’ extensive infrastructure with Kamikaze’s hands-on approach, this is us. It has become a perfect home for the film. Their partnership really inspires us to be on the ground floor. We have an audience emotional and emotional to our current isolated lifestyle. I hope it connects with the relevance of the timbre. Isolation and melancholy longing for the former existence. “ Said nap

“After all, our movie is a love story. It was wrapped in the uncertainty of world-changing events for our protagonist. My producer partners Max Gardner and I couldn’t have dreamed of running a project like this without a great cast, crew and production team. I’m excited to share it with the audience. ”Continue to nap.

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Go / do not go It will be available on DEMAND AND DIGITAL iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, Vudu, Direct TV and Dish Network. Also, January 12, 2021 for all major cable providers.

Movie apocalyptic psychological thriller trailer Go / Don’t Go

https://lrmonline.com/news/post-apocalyptic-psychological-thriller-trailer-for-the-film-go-dont-go/ Movie apocalyptic psychological thriller trailer Go / Don’t Go

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