Movie Devil Killing: How Breathing Style Works

Boy anime wouldn’t be complete without magical psychic powers, such as using dragonball to take care of yourself, training your habits with my hero academia, and using the energy cursed in a magical round. Kimetsu no Yaiba itself has no supernatural powers, but Kimetsu no Yaiba has a breathing method. I’m still not sure about breathing and its origins, but Mugen Train answers a few questions and makes fun of future developments.

If you still don’t know exactly how your breathing styles work or why they are important, don’t worry. We will answer all your questions about the different swordsmanship styles of Demon Slayer.

What is breathing?

As we learned in Episode 3, breathing style is a specific breathing pattern that increases the user’s vital capacity and then the amount of oxygen in the blood. The non-medical answer is that by breathing very hard and focused, the swordfighters can improve their physical and mental concentration so that they can fight the devil.

Some swordfighters have mastered their breathing style to the level of being a pillar (or pillar). These nine swordfighters are the best of the demon killer who can kill the devil like anyone else’s job. In the movie, the flames meet Kyojuro Renkuro. He teaches our main character, Tanjiro, about breathing techniques and explains that they all come from five basic breathing techniques based on the elements of water, flame, wind, stone and lightning. From there, skilled swordfighters could spin their styles uniquely and develop their own techniques. Of the nine Hashira, only four follow one of the basic breathing styles.

How do these seem to be power?

The breathing style not only allows the swordfighter to endure pain and continue to fight, but also allows the user to heal himself to some extent, thus acting as this world-class superpower. In the anime, you can see that Zenitsu can slow the spread of poison in the body just by breathing. On the Mugen Train, Tanjiro is stabbed in the intestine by the conductor who worked for the demon while fighting against the demon Emmu, and he bleeds and dies.

Of course, Rengaku offers another solution. It is the concentration of breathing so that Tanjiro can literally close the blood vessels torn by breathing and stop bleeding. The flames tease that Tanjiro may be able to do various things through breathing.

Rengoku has some bad news for you before you start imagining all the cool and best abilities you can achieve with unrealistic breathing. After being fatally injured by Oni Akaza, Kamon Charcoal asks Kamon Charcoal to use his breath to stop or heal bleeding, but the flame tells him that he has nothing to do, and is incredibly emotional. I die at the moment. Concentrated breathing may be a superpower, but sadly it has its limits.

Demon Slayer The Movie: Infinite Train

The sword also has power

The power of the Demon Slayer depends not only on breathing, but also on the almost magical sword used to decapitate the Demon. Named Nichirin Blade, these special swords are forged with a special ore that absorbs sunlight. This is the devil’s greatest weakness. The blades change color according to each user’s unique breathing technique and personality.

But when it comes to Kamon charcoal, this may be a concern rather than a profit. You see, his blade is not blue like water, red like fire, but black. When Renkoku tells Hashira to the Kamon Charcoal, he teases that our young hero may one day be able to join the elite trunk-until he sees his blade.

Renkoku says he didn’t know that a swordsman with a black sword became Hashira. The color indicates that the swordfighter has not decided which breathing style to master. Kamon charcoal was first trained in the style of water, which he mainly uses, but he is now using a special technique he learned from his father. It looks like it was inspired by fire. He may have to choose one or the other.

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