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  • Opponent
  • Starring: Omar Abdulaziz, John O. Brennan, Hatige Senziz
  • Director: Bryan Fogel
  • Rating: PG 13
  • Execution time: 1 hour 59 minutes
  • Orwell Productions

October 2, 2018, Washington Position Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi went to the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, to get the documents he needed to marry his fiancée. He was never seen again.

Opening in Montreal, Canada, you’ll meet Khashoggi’s friend Omar Abdulaziz traveling by subway. He receives the text while telling the interviewer that it is not safe. It informs him to be careful and change his cell phone number. The last word is chilling. “They will kill you soon.” So we start a movie that everyone has to watch regarding human rights and the right to speak freely.

We learn a lot about Khashoggi, who is both a person and a journalist. A long-time and popular Saudi reporter has defeated the royal success for 30 years. From now on, enter Prince Mohammed bin Salman, called MBS in the movie. Promoting its position as a new kind of leader (he opens a movie theater and allows women to drive) MBS is responsible for oil, the lifeline and currency of Saudi Arabia.But he’s not really a good guy and Khashoggi starts soon

Write negatively about him. In the age of social media, Khashoggi sends uncompromising tweets. Twitter is a big problem in Saudi Arabia, with more than 80% of the population tweeting daily. To combat negativeness, MBS has adopted hundreds of “trolls” to reduce the popularity of Khashoggi’s tweets, tolerate trends and disinformation. Khashoggi self-exiled Saudi Arabia in late 2017 for fear of his life. But he doesn’t stop writing.

I try to keep politics away from my writing-you are here to get my opinion about the film, not my political beliefs-but the film works how the world works This is a fair and sorry report about the movie. Going back and forth between the tragedy of Abdulzazzi in Canada and the last years of Khashoggi’s life, it’s clear that “money changes everything,” as Cyndi Lauper sang. Many world leaders, including US President Donald Trump, are right next to the MBS proclaiming his innocence regarding Khashoggi’s death. Even when Turkish police were finally able to search the embassy and create evidence, the room was full of blood under black light, Saudi agents dressed in cashews and left the embassy, Go just a few blocks, sneak into the restaurant rest area, and finish with a room, and another outfit. Still, ideas like “illegal agents” are thrown away as quickly as Mardi Gras beads.

When we meet his fiancé Hatige Senzis, we also learn a more personal aspect of Khashoggi. She talks about his gentle side. How he loved the La-Z-Boy reclining chair she bought him, and how they talked about marriage. Bravely, she continues to talk about Khashoggi’s murder, hoping someone will hold the MBS accountable. In fact, as I write, this is Cengiz’s call to presidential election Joe Biden to fulfill his campaign promise to be accountable for Khashoggi’s killing, and once Biden takes office, the CIA’s confidential report. Is the word asking you to announce. It should be noted that President Trump read the CIA’s report and rejected it.

“The Dissident” is a powerful movie that has been thought-provoking since the end and is one of the best movies of the year.

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Movie Review: “The Dissident”-Media Mikes

https://mediamikes.com/2020/12/film-review-the-dissident/ Movie Review: “The Dissident”-Media Mikes

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