Movie Review: “Wonder Woman 1984”

  • Wonder Woman 1984
  • Starring: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig
  • Director: Patty Jenkins
  • Rating: PG 13
  • Execution time: 2 hours 32 minutes
  • Warner Bros.

Finally! !!

Wonder Woman, which was originally scheduled to be released in December last year

Finally I returned to the big screen. And after more than eight months of darkness, movie fans (and theater owners) will be happy to see her.

We are on Themyscira Island. An event comparable to the Olympics is about to begin. Among the participants is a girl Diana (Lily Asper) who is anxious to compete with older contestants. Diana is leading the race when the accident slows her down. She tried to make the path to victory “Rosie Ruiz”, but it was stopped. She gets angry at losing and is comforted by the words, “Your time is coming.”

1984. The strange times of the world. The era of pop collars, funny packs, video arcades, and payphones. Working at the Smithsonian, I now meet adult Diana Prince (Gadot). I also met a new employee, the meek Barbara Minerva (great Wiig). She is so modest that she literally has to introduce herself to the boss who hired her. A recent attempted robbery by Diana as Wonder Woman has led the FBI to cash in ancient stolen relics sold in the black market. They asked the Smithsonian to identify several works, including a strange piece called “Wishing Stone.” Sounds like a cool item, but keep in mind the old saying. Pay attention to what you want.

The action-packed jam “Wonder Woman 1984” as the movie travels the world from Washington DC to Egypt is the thrill of a movie that is guaranteed to excite you. Gadot continues to push the new side of the character to the front. Here’s the longing and sadness she’s endured since her boyfriend Steve Trevor (Pine) died at the end of 2017’s Wonder Woman. As you can see above, Chris Pine is in this movie (he’s also in the trailer, so I won’t give you anything), but how he’s here I don’t say anything about whether I came. I think Pine, who was surprised 70 years after his death (when trying on parachute pants, asks if everyone is wearing parachutes), is a perfect fit for that role. The wig is a revelation. Sure she may be funny, but here she is also vulnerable and quite annoying. As a fraudulent oil dealer Max Road, Pedro Pascal speeds up a landscape like Gordon Gekko.

The film was shot beautifully and Jenkins’ direction flowed smoothly, but in two and a half hours the film should have been able to use trimming. Hans Zimmer’s score sets the mood of the movie and enlivens the action scene.

I missed this last December. Thankfully, Santa thought it was good enough to put Wonder Woman in stockings this year!

PS-Sit on End Credits-Don’t be disappointed with what you’ve done!

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Movie Review: “Wonder Woman 1984”

https://mediamikes.com/2020/12/film-review-wonder-woman-1984/ Movie Review: “Wonder Woman 1984”

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