Movie Teaser Teen Wolf Announces Sequel to MTV Series with New Wolfpack TV Show

MTV Creator, Writer, Producer, Jeff Davis Teen Wolf We’ve just signed a new multi-year holistic deal with Paramount + as a sequel to fans’ favorite movies that aired over the six seasons from 2011. Original casts from the series such as Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed and Dylan O’Brien will replay their role. Paramount + says it will answer our howls more!

Paramount + The command, “Raise your hand when you’re ready to be thrown by a wolf. Again. A. Teen Wolf The film is scheduled to be released in 2022, and yes, negotiations with the original cast are already underway.In addition, get ready to sink your teeth A flock of wolves, A completely new series based on the book that Edo Van Belcom loves. “

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Movie teen wolf “The full moon rose in Beacon Hills, and a terrifying evil appeared with it. The wolf barked again, seeking the return of Banshee, Werewolves, Hellhounds, foxes, and all other shapeshifters, but like Scott McCall. Only the werewolf is no longer a teenager, but still an alpha, able to gather new companions, reunite trusted friends and fight the most powerful and worst enemies he has ever faced. “

Davis is also under development A flock of wolves It chases life-changing teenage boys and girls as wildfires in California awaken horrific supernatural creatures and drive them to attack highway traffic jams under burning hills. Injured in turmoil, boys and girls are mysteriously attracted to each other Two other teenagers hired by Park Ranger after a mysterious wildfire 16 years ago. Four when the full moon rises All the teenagers will come together to uncover the secrets that connect them: the bite and blood of the wolf. “

The original MTV series is “Scott McCall, A high school student living in the fictional California town of Beacon Hills. After being bitten by an Alpha Werewolf on the eve of his sophomore year in high school, Scott became a teenage werewolf bearing the name of the series, dramatically changing his former daily life. You can catch all 6 seasons included in Amazon Prime.

Davis is reviving another MTV classic Eon FluxAnime series that started with Liquid tvThere was also a silver screen version starring Charlize Theron. Davis’s reconsideration will be a live-action television version of the anime series about the assassin of a highly skilled secret agent living in the future anarchist society.

While we wait, we can enjoy Tyler Posey aloud to Tony Toretto Wild Speed ​​Spy RacerAt Netflix, a team of teenage street racers are hired to infiltrate criminal groups.Dylan O’Brien can be seen with Mark Wahlberg infinite“A man suffering from memories of places he has never visited joins forces with a group of reincarnated warriors to prevent the madman from destroying the endless cycle of life and reincarnation. Waiting for you at Paramount +.

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Movie Teaser Teen Wolf Announces Sequel to MTV Series with New Wolfpack TV Show

https://movieweb.com/teen-wolf-the-movie-teaser-mtv-sequel/ Movie Teaser Teen Wolf Announces Sequel to MTV Series with New Wolfpack TV Show

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