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MS-RT gets on track to end a prominent year

MS-RT, Ford Motor Company’s commercial vehicle conversion partner specializing in designing and manufacturing mods inspired by the Transit Connect, Transit Custom and Ranger Pickup rallies, will host a new and unique event for M-Sport. The evaluation center in Cockermouth, Cumbria has celebrated a memorable year. Participants included members of high-performance Ford dealers and senior leadership teams from Ford of Britain and Ford of Europe.

The M-Sport is renowned for providing the engineering expertise behind the award-winning Ford Rally Car. Located on the edge of UNESCO’s Lake District National Park, the brand new M-Sport Evaluation Center (MS-EC) provides an expanded and enhanced hub for all of M-Sport’s engineering and rally car construction operations. Located in the heart of the breathtaking Cambrian landscape, MS-EC is Fiesta WRC by Matthew Wilson, son of Malcolm Wilson, M-Sport boss and former World Rally Championship driver. Those brave enough to climb on a pocket rocket were similarly excited and tested.

Participants in the MS-EC event were provided with an immersive motorsport experience, including a tour of M-Sport’s state-of-the-art facilities at Cockermouth headquarters and a professionally piloted Ford Mustang Mach-E GT hot lap. .. Opportunity to compete with Matthew Wilson in stunt drivers and virtual rally race simulators.

The organizer of this unique event, MS-RT, has grown significantly over the past year. Signing of a multi-year contract with Ford Motor Company to create a rally sports-inspired conversion for Ford’s range of commercial vehicles opens a £ 4 million vehicle conversion facility at Ford’s Dagenam Estate on MS-RT Will be. Go to the Dagenham site.

“”This very special event provided us with the opportunity to reward our valued partners for their ongoing support for our business development.“” Said Stephen Coots, Commercial Director.There is no better way to achieve the spirit and bold ambition of a brand that is committed to setting sector standards. There is no doubt that the environment and experience provided by the stunning MS-EC will foster a passionate brand advocate for the MS-RT and the outstanding models we and Ford are putting on the market. “

MS-RT gets on track to end a prominent year MS-RT gets on track to end a prominent year

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