MSI provides BIOS update for AMD Ryzen 5000 CPU support

As the world’s leading motherboard brand MSI We promise to provide true joy to gamers and creators and keep moving. BIOS updates are always refreshing news for most users. MSI We will continue to publish relative news for our users. From this week MSI Release AMD AGESA COMBO PI V21.1.0.0 patch DBIOS For all AMD 400 series motherboard It will be fully uploaded by the end of 2020.

all AMD 400 series motherboard Comprehensive support Ryzen 5000 CPU When AMD AGESA COMBO PI V21.1.0.0 Patch D

The purpose of continuing to release BIOS updates is not only to improve the performance of the motherboard, but also to improve compatibility.rear AMD launch Ryzen 5000 CPU, Most are curious about whether Ryzen 5000 CPU Compatible with AMD’s previous platforms. MSI We recognize that users are eager to enhance their motherboards with the latest CPUs.Therefore, we are determined to provide AGESA patch D For all AMD 400 series motherboard..When AGESA patch D, your 400 series motherboard Can support Ryzen 5000 CPU And achieve its true performance.Because there are some technical issues with AGESA, Will not be released. Therefore, AGESA Patch D The best choice for updating your motherboard.

AMD AGESA COMBO PI V21.1.0.0 patch D supports resizing BAR

One of the notable features of this BIOS update is support for resizing BARs. Undoubtedly, resizing BAR is now a common problem and this feature is performed to maximize the efficiency of the system. It not only utilizes both CPU and GPU memory, but also effectively reduces latency and buffering to improve the gaming experience. With BIOS update AGESA patch D, AMD 400 series motherboard It also supports Re-Size BAR. To make better progress, users are advised to update the BIOS immediately.

To provide entertainment for users MSI Keep up to date with the latest news.Please follow MSI Check with stakeholders and the BIOS update product page.

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MSI Will Offer BIOS Update for AMD Ryzen 5000 CPU Support

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