MSI tests how effective gaming laptops are in cryptocurrency mining

As the shortage of large graphics cards intensifies, cryptocurrency miners are turning their attention to full-fledged gaming laptops from dedicated GPUs, struggling to supply notebooks. It’s no secret that these are no better than the best graphics cards at work, but during the experiment, MSI found that profitable gaming laptops were mined 24/7 for a month. I’m checking.

At the heart of the analysis, the MSIG E76 Raider gaming laptop belongs to its own category with Intel i9 10980HK CPU, 155W mobile Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU, and “unique cooling design”. It’s a lot more than most laptops out there, but it’s still a lonely single graphics card with a closed chassis, so it’s a comprehensive farm that accommodates multiple GPUs in an air-conditioned room. You rarely get the same cryptocurrency number.

MSI experiments are performed on the Nicehash platform using the DaggerHashimoto algorithm. With this algorithm, the hash rate of the mobile RTX3080 is about 52.8MH / s. This is well below the 95.7 MH / s that the desktop version pulls in, much more than the 52.9. MH / s of the RTX 3070.

This is a nearly congratulatory approach to the crypto mining community, unlike Nvidia, which completely undermines the RTX 3060 and states that GeForce GPUs are for gamers.

MSI started the experiment on February 25th, so at this point it’s almost half. Will it be profitable? It’s likely, but it’s hard to imagine that this particular MSI GE76 Raider will be the best gaming laptop after this level of continuous punishment. Please check the results again after about 2 weeks.

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