MST3K Season 13: All Movies, Details, Release Dates

Experiment 1305: Dr. Moldrid (1992)

We have another full moon release, and this is a kind of great in itself. surely, MST3K Treatment is welcome, but you can fully see and enjoy it for yourself.As the story goes on, the full moon Doctor Strange Due to the movie, but some complications, they lost their license. Therefore, Jeffrey Combs, the royal family of B-movies, plays Dr. Anton Moldrid. The original character does not steal mysterious art.

Experiment 1306: Devil’s Squad (2019)

Once again, the latest movie recording of the episode MST3K Is broken. Devil’s squad It’s about “paranormal investigators” trying to solve crimes while dealing with people of all kinds of different worlds. It’s like an inexperienced filmmaker trying to solve Noir’s mystery with a cast. Night bleed And a budget of $ 10. It looks rough, but the attempt seems to be heartfelt.

Experiment 1307: Gamera vs. Jigger (1970)

Going back to Joel’s time, MST3K Cut through the original Gamera A knife-like movie through butter. Some movies haven’t been treated so I’m here. When Japan organizes the World’s Fair, they mistakenly unleash the threat of new monsters with jiggers. Gamera not only gets her ass kicked by the beast, but also infects the descendants of Jigger. Now, only love for children and Gamera can save the world. It’s usually how these things work.

Experiment 1308: Batwoman (1968)

What if I shoot a movie of El Santo and exchange it for a woman who just bought a sexy Adam West Halloween costume at Party City? This very, very unauthorized confusion from Italy.Batwoman (No, no That one) Is a high-living, light-clothed professional wrestler who must stop the mad scientist and his ridiculous metanephrops monster from taking over the world. Mad scientists own a boat called “Leptilix” and are looking forward to the callback jokes there.

Experiment 1309: One Million Eyes of Sumuru (1967)

Oh, this is interesting. Semur’s Million Eyes Not just featured in RiffTrax (along with its sequel) Girl from riot), But it was also part of KTM A-TV’s “Season 0” MST3K.. The movie deals with Semur, a sect of terrorist leaders of supermodel assassins kicking ass. Their plan is to have women conquer the world. This is a plan that only one Frankie Avalon can stop. I can’t believe it took me 30 years to revisit this gem.

Experiment 1310: The Shape of the Upcoming of HG Wells (1979)

Despite its title, this movie has little to do with a book of the same name.Instead, it’s Jack Palance, who starred in a movie trying to take advantage of his success. Star Wars, Only succeeded in giving us the turmoil of science fiction. There’s some effort mixed in, but it’s all just a horrifying attempt to turn a popular brand into an ape. At least robots are a little cool, if not clunky.

MST3K Season 13: All Movies, Details, Release Dates

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