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MSU Opens Pollen Mating Center


MSU Opens Pollen Mating Center

Michigan State University will open a new Pollen Matter Performance Center to support outreach and research expansion to support beekeepers and pollen maters.

Ana Heck told Brownfield: And support their health. “

Ongoing research, such as bee disease and pollination of specialty crops, will also be housed in the center, Heck said.

“There are 400 species of bees in Michigan, and there are many crops that require insects and bees to pollinate,” she says. “For example, apples, cherries, blueberries, and some vegetables are pollinated by bees, so we work a lot with growers to maintain the health of pollen maters.”

The center, formerly used to study the air quality of indoor animals on the south side of the campus, was developed in partnership with the Faculty of Insects, MSU AgBioResearch, and MSU Extension.

MSU Opens Pollen Mating Center MSU Opens Pollen Mating Center

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