MudRunner Mobile now supports gamepads on iOS and Android

MudRunner, Saber Interactive And Focus Home InteractiveThe ultimate mobile off-road experience is now available on your gamepad! Step into the wilderness with either your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller. Compatible with both iOS and Android versions of the game.

Full gamepad support without fuss

Connecting the controller is as easy as any other Bluetooth device. For PlayStation 4 controllers, hold down the PS and Share buttons to enter pairing mode. For Xbox One, press and hold the sync button on the top left of your controller until the Xbox logo starts blinking. From there, simply connect through the regular phone settings menu and you’re ready to take full control of MudRunner Mobile’s vehicle roster! Please note that the device must be updated with at least iOS 13 or Android 4.0.

Explore new frontiers, regardless of platform!

MudRunner With the launch of the Old Timer DLC and 4-DLC packs last week, mobile has never been richer. The latter allows access to all previously released DLC at a discounted price. On PC, off-road fans around the world can experience free and unique simulations at the Epic Games Store until December 2nd, 50% off American Wild Expansion, sequel Snowrunner and DLC, until December 3rd. Up to 40% off.

MudRunner Now available for iOS and Android compatible devices. Get the Old Timer and 4-DLC Pack at the in-game shop. The entire franchise is also available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Please see the official shop for details.

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MudRunner Mobile launches gamepad support on iOS and Android

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