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After taking over from teammate Toshiki Oyu, who took the lead in the opening segment of qualifying, Sasahara set a time of 1: 31.770 and extended Honda’s pole position to 4 at the Oita-based circuit. ..

Takuya Izawa took over the good results of his teammate Hiroki Otsu, who set the second fastest time in Q1, and aimed for the front row of All Honda Dunlop with a time of 1 minute 32.068 seconds.

However, within seconds of qualifying, rookie racing Toyota driver Oshima demoted the Nakajima racing team to 3rd place with an impressive effort of 1: 31.777.However, the # 14 GR Supra One of three Toyotas penalized in an unauthorized engine replacement race..

Newly crowned Super Formula champion Tomoki Nojiri made three Hondas in the top four with a time of 1 minute 32.128 seconds on the ARTA NSX-GT and 10 minutes on Ronnie Quintarelli’s (NISMO) top Nissan GT-R. It exceeded 2 or more. Second.

Sacha Fenestraz qualified for # 37 Tom’s Toyota in 6th place in the first SUPER GT of the year, although it was more than a second behind Honda’s pace, which set Sasahara’s pace.

Real Racing Honda cuts deficit to point-leading Kokumitsu team after Bertrand Baguette takes a strong 7th place in stage 2 fuel restrictor ahead of SARD Toyota driven by former F1 driver Heikki Kovalainen I raised the expectation that I would do it.

After Daiki Sasaki missed the Q2 cut in just 0.027 seconds, Kondo Nissan started in 9th place on the grid, and thanks to Hiroaki Ishiura’s effort of 1 minute 32.782 seconds, CERUMO Toyota came in 10th place.

The Impul Nissan team has just won the championship in Sugo for the first time in five years, and was placed in 11th place by former Formula 2 driver Nobuharu Matsushita, beating # 36 Tom’s Toyota driven by Yuhi Sekiguchi.

Equipped with the best stage 3 fuel restrictor, the Honda Kunimitsu team managed the champion Naoki Yamamoto with the best time of 1’33.070 and was able to pass the qualifying of 13th place and below.

Hybrid Prius takes GT300 pole

# 31 Toyota GR Sport Prius PHV April GT

Photo: Masahide Kamio

Hybrid Power April Toyota Prius dominated qualifying to win the first GT300 pole position since 2016, Helped by the imbalance of performance..

With the size of the # 31 Prius PHV GR Sport air restrictor expanded to the 2020 level, Yuhki Nakayama increased his pace in the opening segment of qualifying, and teammate Yuki Saga set a time of 1: 42.039 in the second quarter. I recorded and decided the pole position. Less than 3/10 seconds.

The championship-leading Subaru team, thanks to Hideki Yamauchi’s 1: 42.316 effort at the # 61 R & D Sport BRZ, believed in the 100kg success ballast and booked the front row spot.

The Saitama Toyopet team emphasized the pace of the GT300 specification car, and Hiroki Yoshida placed the # 52 GR Supra in 3rd place on the grid, beating the # 65 Leon Racing Mercedes of Togo Suganami.

Championship leaders Takuto Iguchi and Yamauchi performed strongly to secure the front row position, but their closest rivals Joao Paulo de Oliveira and Kiyoto Fujinami missed the Q2 cut in just 0.077 seconds. # 56 Kondo Racing won the disappointed 18th place. Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3.

Atsushi Miyake and Yui Tsutsumi, who are in 3rd place in the championship, also lost in the first qualifying round and ranked 25th in the # 244 Max Racing Toyota Supra. The entire 2021 SUPER GT season, including this weekend’s Autopolis race, will be shown live. It can be used all over the world except Japan. Click here for more information..

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Mugen Honda claims Paul in 0.007 seconds Mugen Honda claims Paul in 0.007 seconds

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