Mulan’s sequel and spin-off are reportedly in production

2020 was a wild vehicle to say the least. At the beginning of last year, no one could predict Disney’s live-action remake. Mulan It will turn out to be one of the most controversial movies released.Indeed, when he was later called to boycott the blockbuster, he was sown with dissatisfaction. Star Yiu Lifei Publicly Approves Hong Kong Police ForceHowever, it has approached the start of an international affair.

The studio wasn’t already in the way of Chinese censors to appease, Completely removes beloved dragon buddy Mushu To please the strict censorship committee, don’t offend the local audience or cut out harmless things like the kissing scene. It turns out that thanking Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region for credit is a big mistake In retrospect, the region is facing allegations of human rights abuses.

State media banned all coverage Mulan Trying to suppress dissatisfaction And Mouse House CEO Bob Chapek Called by a U.S. SenatorAnyway, just for the martial arts epic bombing with China’s box office, and it was the best with $ 70 million in software worldwide, but Disney Plus Premier Access sales were Widely believed to have generated enormous income..

Ending Mulan The sequel also seemed to keep the door wide open, but given the repulsion and poor commercial performance, it didn’t seem likely to happen. However, insider Daniel Richtmann claims that some spin-offs dedicated to feature film follow-up and streaming are currently underway. Of course, this hasn’t been backed up by Disney itself yet, and family-friendly companies are sure to keep their cards close to their chests until their anger blows before planning their next move. However, Richtmann has a strong track record with Inside Intel and for now there is no reason to doubt him.

Mulan’s sequel and spin-off are reportedly in production

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/mulan-sequel-spinoffs-reportedly-works/ Mulan’s sequel and spin-off are reportedly in production

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